What to Look for in Professional Excavation Contractors

Excavation may be needed for several different applications for construction work. Whatever you may need it for, it’s essential that you go with professional excavation contractors.

Whether it’s residential, commercial, or whatever type of construction work you plan to have – the process starts with an essential first step: preparing the site.

To effectively and safely prepare the construction site for development, professional excavation contractors are needed. Anyone with a backhoe can’t provide you with the same level of proficient work that professional contractors can.

Excavating entails more than leveling an area or a construction site. The overall process requires expertise, some years of experience, and specialized excavation tools.

Finding professionals to do the excavation work ensures that you have an adequately prepped and safe construction site ready for development.

How Can Professional Excavation Contractors Help Your Construction Project?

Building Site Preparation

Excavation contractors play an essential role in the beginning stage of any type of construction project. Their expertise is needed to determine if the soil in your worksite is stable enough to support your development project’s foundation.

On top of that, excavation contractors have the tools and experience needed to know if the soil can take the project’s pressure and weight.

Cut and Fill Excavation Work

Professional excavation contractors have the expertise, experience, and equipment to do the job.

Before any construction project can pick up or go any further, cut and fill excavation work is necessary. This process entails clearing the site of sand, rock, vegetation, and topsoil.

If you leave those materials on your construction site, it is impossible to build a foundation for your project.

After removing all unnecessary objects, your construction site is left in a more appealing and stable condition – ready for development.

Professional Excavation Contractors Have the Right Machinery to Complete the Job

Depending on the type of excavation work you need, there typically is a specific type of machinery for it.

One backhoe is not enough – especially if you have a more massive construction project. A professional and reliable excavation company will have invested in the right machinery to excavate any type of construction site.

Their primary goal is to provide you with a worksite that is ready for development.

If you want your site to be prepped safely, quickly, and efficiently – and who doesn’t? – a professional excavation company has got you covered.

Before they even do the job, professional excavators will do a comprehensive inspection of your entire construction site. This process allows them to:

  • Do a thorough assessment and evaluation of the construction site.
  • Determine the extent of excavation work needed.
  • Assign the right excavation machinery and equipment to complete the job.

Types of Excavation Equipment

The types of excavators (or excavation equipment) used in a construction project rely on the range of the work needed and the size of the site.

The excavators to be used can either be multipurpose or only for a particular type of excavation work. Either way, professional excavation contractors will know what to use, so the project requirements are met.

Here are the different types of excavators used in construction projects:

Crawler/Compact Excavators

Compact excavators are common equipment in excavating.

This type of excavation machinery features a chain track system linked to tank-like bodywork. The machine runs on two tracks, rolling endlessly. Its primary uses are for landscape grading, mining, and trench digging.

This machinery can slide up and down hilly areas and uneven terrains. It does run slower than other excavation equipment. However, it offers better balance, stability, and flexibility.

Suction Excavators

Also called vacuum excavators, this type of excavation equipment is used for underground applications, debris cleanup, and intricate digging work.

Suction excavators feature water jets and a high-pressure vacuum component. They are specifically designed for delicate underground excavation projects.

Dragline Excavators

Dragline excavators are primarily used for road excavation work, underwater projects, and pile driving. Its hoist rope component raises and lowers a bucket through its coupler.

This is one of the heavier excavation pieces of machinery. Because of its size, the equipment is typically assembled on site.

Long Reach Excavators

As the name implies, long-reach excavators have an extended arm attached to boom sections. These features allow for better application in hard-to-reach areas of the worksite.

The extendable arms can reach more than 100 feet horizontally. They are ideal for demolition work, such as breaking down walls and structural crumpling. Long-reach excavators are also used for work over a body of water.

You can affix different types of attachments to this equipment. Professional excavation contractors will know what attachment is needed to perform specific functions such as crushing, cutting, and shearing.

Skid Steer Excavators

This type of equipment is ideal for residential construction work, site clearing, and digging pools. Skid steer excavators can spread out or remove piled-up dirt and debris. They are suitable for narrower areas that require tricky maneuvers.

The wheeled machinery features buckets and booms oriented away from the operator. This setup allows those components to reach around the machine instead of over it.

Professional Excavation Contractors Ensure that Your Project Meets Standards

Professional excavation companies are bonded and licensed. These qualifications mean that they know and understand all the best practices in construction work required by OSHA.

On top of this, professional contractors also provide liability insurance coverage for the work they do. This is a significant advantage for their clients.

By hiring a professional, you can be assured that your construction project meets all the proper safety regulations and code requirements.

Choosing the Right Professional Excavation Contractors

Here are the vital factors to consider when hiring an excavation company for your construction project.

Work Experience

Professional excavation contractors must comply with safety standards.

In the excavation industry, experience plays an important role. Ask your contractor how long they have been in operation. A more extended experience in the field means that they’ve tackled various types of excavation work.

However, the experience should not be your sole determining factor when hiring an excavation company. You have to look at the bigger picture. Ask for their portfolio and references.

The Right Equipment

What a newer excavation company may lack in experience, they make up for in the latest in excavation pieces of machinery.

Before you hire an excavation contractor, make sure they have the right equipment needed for your project. If they don’t, it can negatively impact the quality of their work.

Certificates and Licenses

Excavation companies are obligated to have licenses to operate their business. Obtaining this license means that they have the knowledge and skill to provide their work in the field.

Check with your local state laws if there are additional requirements that professional excavation contractors need to meet.

Competitive Bids

When you’re looking for prospective excavation contractors for your project, make sure you are in the process of vetting more than one excavation company.

Ask for estimates and bids. Also, make sure you know the going rate for this type of service in your community.