Official Vida Vegan Con 2015 Venues

You got your ticket to Vida Vegan Con (and/or!) & our debut Vegan Bazaar! Here we go!

Friday =  Vegan Bazaar = Marchesa Hall & Theater ( 6406 N I H 35 # 3100, Austin, TX 78752) for the Vida Vegan Bazaar  with Vendors + Samples + Food Trucks + our VVC SpeakersDecadent Dessert Demo by Fran Costigan, the “Queen of Vegan Desserts” + DIY Kombucha & Homebrewing Demo by Bianca Phillips of Vegan Crunk + Entertainment + Product Showcase + Earth Balance Photo Booth + Lazy Smurf’s Austin Community Panel + Joanna Vaught’s Vegan Family & Parenting Panel + more to be revealed! Come meet our moderators and panelists for Friday.

Our home on Friday.
Our home on Friday.

Get a special taste of Vida Vegan Con with your Bazaar ticket.

Alternately, get an exclusive first hour at the Vegan Bazaar with your VVC registration.

Saturday + Sunday = Full Day Conference Action =  AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center (1900 University Ave, Austin, TX 78705) for two entire days of classes, panels, workshops, breakouts, networking and massive conversation-starting vegan lunch buffets, including guaranteed multiple taco appearance. We’re talking 20+ vegan experts offering unique-to-VVC presentations who are all listed over this way. Phew.

Our home Sat + Sun.
Our home Sat + Sun.
Click on those links above for some handy dandy directions.

If you’re wondering where to stay, we do recommend our official on-site lodging at AT & T, where the majority of happenings will be held. You’re welcome to stay wherever you like, of course, and we have a full listing of lodging suggestions, from kitschy hostels to 4 star hotels, over this way.

3 thoughts on “Official Vida Vegan Con 2015 Venues

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    […] workshop will be held through a break and into a second session period on Saturday morning at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center. This is the only class that politely recommends advance sign-up (although you’ll be able to […]


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