Last Call for Vida Vegan Con 2013 Sponsors!

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The deadline for getting involved with Vida Vegan Con, returning this May 24-26 to Portland, has arrived.

This could be you!
This could be you!

Remaining options include:

  • Place your full-color advertisement in our program (2 spaces left, send your art in ASAP)
  • Donate product under our Beet Salad options
  • Donate snacks to our fancy schmancy Saturday night Galarama (whose Silent Auction benefits Chimp Sanctuary NW—more details on how to donate here)
  • Contribute an In-Room toiletry item
  • Join the waitlist for exhibitor tables and SWAG bag placement


  • Upgrade to one of our last remaining Heirloom Beet spots (which come with a guaranteed exhibitor table and exclusive SWAG bag placement)

Read the full details of 2013 Sponsorship Opportunities here.  Thanks for your support!

Read more about the upcoming Vida Vegan Con II and what’s happening during the action-packed weekend here.

We Got the Beet

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We’re happy to announce a new major Sugar Beet Sponsor for the 2011 Con: VegNews!

With so many VN contributors already among our speakers (and so many readers among our attendees), we can’t think of a more natural partnership. Like you, VegNews works relentlessly to reach hearts and minds the world over with the message of veganism.

If you’re at the conference—and we know you will be—you can catch two VegNews staffers, Colleen and Elizabeth, moderating some panels. (Look for our Meet the Moderators post coming soon.) They’ll also have an exhibitor table, so make sure you swing by and say “Hey.” Or if you’re feeling extra cool, like Dwayne on “What’s Happening,” you can say “Hey hey hey!” We can only hope you’ll inspire someone to bust into some Rerun pop-n-lock action.

Announcing: Coconut Bliss!

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We are thrilled to announce that Vida Vegan Con has confirmed its first  Golden Beet Sponsor, coconut ice cream maker Coconut Bliss.

Our conversation with Coconut Bliss began in 2010. Being a brand-new, vegan conference heading into its first year, we strongly depend on our sponsors for all this excitement to happen, and we value this sponsorship. The news of the sale to Lochmead Dairy came as a surprise to us, just as it did to the rest of the vegan community. As the organizers, we immediately discussed our own feelings and the feelings of all involved with Vida Vegan Con.
We decided to contact Coconut Bliss to discuss the matter, but before we even had a chance, we received a sincere, open email from our contact at Coconut Bliss, Kiley, opening their own dialogue on the situation with the understanding we may not want them involved given the initial gut reaction of the public.
This is not the case. We know the world isn’t vegan and isn’t  perfect, and after reading what both Kiley and Larry have had to say, both personally and officially, we feel comfortable accepting their support. They produce a quality vegan product and want to support the vegan community.
Like you, we have high standards for our sponsors, and as we’ve said before, you’re not about to see the Pork Board behind us. The Faux Pork Board? Sure. Make it happen! Seriously, just as we all have to make decisions about purchases and ways of life, we’ve made a decision here. We have decided to accept this sponsorship. We are thrilled with vegan products going more mainstream and reaching more people. We hope you support us in embracing the support of Coconut Bliss.With that, we leave you with personal words from Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss co-founder, Larry himself:
“During the years that I worked with the EarthSave Foundation, I learned that often the best way to ease open someone’s heart and mind was to lubricate them by putting something delicious in their mouth! When we started our company, our intention wasn’t to make a product just for vegans, or even lactose intolerant people. Luna and I wanted to make a dessert that was so delectable that even diehard Haagen-Dasz and Ben & Jerry’s eaters would want it. Over the years we’ve received lots of feedback that tells us that Coconut Bliss has opened many people to the possibility of veganism, (not to mention the benefits of organics and fair trade).
On the question of Lochmead, we think it’s a wonderful thing to have a dairy devoting their energy and resources to making and selling vegan products. Not only does this help to legitimize the concept of veganism to the mainstream public, but it also helps create a sustainable transition for all the dedicated people who earn their livelihood working at dairies as awareness grows and more and more people choose to move on from animal products.
Luna and I support the important work that you are all doing and we’re very excited to be able to sponsor this amazing conference.” 

See you this summer,

Janessa, Jess & Michele
The Vida Vegan Con Organizers