Who Needs a Tech Seminar Scholarship?

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Is this you?

You need help getting over some technical hurdles with your blog because you thought college was a place to learn and think and explore the universe and its deeper mysteries…so you’ve got a worthless B.A. and you really can’t afford the classes you need now to make up for the classes you didn’t take when you were a kid.

Well, we’ve got two seats reserved for the likes of you. We’re offering two registration-only scholarships for November’s Tech Seminar in Seattle. The rules are simple—we won’t hold your bright-eyed idealism against you—so check it out here.

See you in Seattle!

It’s VVC Scholarship Time!

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Gonna keep this short and sweet:

Are you short on cash, but you know attending the 2013 Vida Vegan Con would be just the thing to help you bring your vegan voice to the masses? Apply for a VVC scholarship, now through November 1, 2012.

Find more information here!

another VVC winner…and a new contest!

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Giveaways are the best!

We’re so happy to announce that That Pain in the Ass Vegan‘s Jen will be joining us at Vida Vegan Con. And what did she do to earn her free registration? She made a giant cookie portrait for Vegtastic Voyage‘s edible portrait contest, like so:

Yes, it’s as simple as that. Make a cookie, get into the conference for free. The other entries were great too, and we hope everyone had fun planning and constructing…and eating theirs.

Still waiting to score a ticket? There’s still hope! Epicurious Vegan is hosting a burrito contest. Check it out and start rolling.

The winner of the Get Sconed! Vida Vegan Theme Song Contest!

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**Winner Winner Tofurky Dinner!**

We are thrilled to announce the very first winner in the series of Conference Weekend Registration Giveaways. 

Jessica Rose Western, of the blog Curative Cuisine, won Weekend Registration to Vida Vegan Con on Get Sconed‘s blog (a $250 value) with this awesomely awesome original song submission:

All the entries seriously blew the three of us away (check out all entries here) and we wish we could have picked all of you!  If you didn’t win, there are still two chances:

Vegtastic Voyage is currently running a hilariously fun contest, and Epicurious Vegan has one in the works.

Congrats to Jessica, we’re so happy you’re coming and hope you’ll sing something at the fabulous-more-details-coming-soon-Galarama!

And the winners are…

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We were going to start with a video clip of Beatles fangirls or Oprah audience members just absolutely losing their shit, but why not just cut right to it?

The 2011 Vida Vegan Con Scholarships go to

Marti of Tofu and Sprouts
Rachel of My Munchable Musings

Congratulations, ladies!

Competition was stiff—so stiff, actually, that we wanted to just keep on going and award more and more and more.

We want all our scholarship applicants to be able to join us in August, so we’ve got a proposition for you, world. We’ll meet you halfway. For every $125 you donate, we’ll award another scholarship. We’ve got a good handful of bloggers who could really use this conference and just won’t be able to make it if we don’t help. Whattaya say?

To donate (any amount—every little bit helps):
Visit Paypal.
Click the Send Money tab.
Our email address is
Enter the money as payment for Service.
In the message space at the bottom, mention it’s for the Scholarship Fund.

Thanks to everyone who submitted, and congratulations to the winners! We’re really looking forward to seeing you this August.

Scholarship Deadline

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Tick tock, tick tock. Our deadline for scholarship applications is about two weeks away!

Click here for all the details, but it’s pretty simple: If you’re thinking there’s no way to swing the registration fee but you would really benefit from the conference, let us know. Don’t forget to include a link to your blog (or if you have yet to begin yours, that’s cool too).

And check out our cheap travel advice and get the skinny on the PSU summer housing ($27.50/night if you get a roommate).

For the rest of you, you’ve got until March 1 to get the Early Bird registration rate of $180. Don’t let that slip by!

“I’m thinkin’ of tryin’ out for a scholarship.”*

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So you want to attend Vida Vegan Con but you’re broke as a joke? There may yet be hope! We here at the VVC are right there with ya, and we’re trying to make this conference as accessible as possible. To that end, we’re putting together cheaper lodging options, pointing you in the direction of reasonable transportation, and letting a couple of lucky folk in for free.

What’s that? Yup, two of you will be attending classes and eating lunches and walking away with a sweet swag bag on us. Two rules:

• You’re a blogger, so you can surely spare 250 words (and a link to your blog!) to explain why you are right for the scholarship. This isn’t a sob story contest; we want the spots to go to those who can really use this opportunity. Email us your entry at VidaVeganConference AT

• Just be cool. If you’re rolling in the dough, maybe step aside for someone who really needs this.

Deadline: January 1, 2011. This will allow us to announce the winners before the early-bird registration discount expires.

Note: This scholarship is for the registration fee only. You still need to get here and sleep here on your own dime.

*Bonus points for anyone who can place that movie quote!