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Portland Picks: Steffers C, The Roaming Vegan Gnome

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It’s now time for another round in our continuing series of personalized Portland Picks! These recommendations are from trusty Portland vegan locals and lovers, and we bet all our attendees, whether you’re arriving early or not, want to squeeze in a little time outside of the busy, busy conference schedule to wander in the vegan wonderland. Next up, is Steffers C, a Northwest native with a fondness for great microbrews, running marathons, and traveling the world. Let’s find out her Portland musts below…
Running & Roaming.

Your Name: Steffers C

Your Blog: The Roaming Vegan Gnome

What Steffers says you simply must see in Portland:

1) Portland Underground Tour

2) Pittock Mansion….for the view (I mean, the house is surely nice and all, but expensive. Scenery is free!)

3) If you have a car (or know another VVC goer/local with a car) head up the Old Columbia River Highway. The best waterfalls are up there (Multnomah included, but so many more) and Crown Point has some awesome views in good weather.

What and where to eat?

1) Obviously, soft serve at Back to Eden.

2) That beet burger at Portobello.

As for that beer (and tea!)…

1) Not exactly cheap, but the Belgium Burns cocktail at Bazi Bierbrasserie. It is WRONG WRONG WRONG to mix Scotch with anything, but the bartender makes it SO RIGHT. And Delirium Tremens is totally vegan.

2) Happy hour at Hopworks is my favorite after school activity.

3) My favorite soy chai hangs out at Townshend’s on Alberta. Any one of the variations from it is acceptable.

Where to shop?

The deli case at Barbur World Foods. Image source: Willamette Week.

1) Barbur World Foods has the best hummus in their deli case (along with vegan kibbeh, fatayer, baba ganoush, and fresh, hot, delicious pita.). It’s also home to an awesome grocery full of wonderful things like a variety of olives, Lebanese sweets, Field Roast sausages (?!) and fresh figs. It’s not close-in, but it is a 20 minute bus ride/drive away! (Vida note: and totally worth it for those wood-fired pitas! – Plus, near Green Wok)

2) Obviously, Food Fight!, for delicious junk food! And carrageenan.

3) Hawthorne Vintage. Go ahead and try to spend less than an hour in that place.

Only Portland has…

Darcelle. Just look it up. The turning point in the adult life of almost all Pacific NW natives includes Darcelle.

The view from Pittock Mansion. Image source:
Ask Steffers about her favorite spots to run in Portland next weekend at the conference – she’s amazingly helping out all over the place! With that, do stay tuned for the next round! For more Portland Vegan Dining, Shopping & Tourist ideas, check out our official While You’re in Town selection and the VVC 2013 Google Map.