The Sexy Vegan Hosts our Galarama Tonight!

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Hey, all! The Galarama soiree is tonight!

Advance tickets sales are now over, but there will be tickets for $20 at the door. Bring your local friends and plus-ones!


Here’s our bar menu reposted from


#Galarama Bar Menu


Featured Cocktail & Mocktail: So Delicious Creamsicle

$6/ $4 (sans vodka)

Grain-free vodka, mandarin Jarritos (or soda of choice), orange juice,

splash of So Delicious coconut creamer. Over ice.


Grain-Free Vodka   +   Choice Of:

Mandarin Jarritos

Strawberry Jarritos

Cranberry Hot Lips Soda

Orange Mango Spindrift Soda

Lemonade Sprindrift Soda

Grapefruit Sprindrift Soda

Spindrift Raspberry Lime Seltzer Water



Root Beer or Soda Float $4*

with any of the above flavors and a scoop of So Delicious Vanilla Ice Cream

*Made with Vodka $6


***Any drink in keepsake VVC mug $10***


Beer + Wine

BridgePort Summer Squeeze (bottle) $4

Vegan Wine (Red or White) $5

 Bottle Service:

Loise d’ Estree Brut Sparkling Wine $20


Jello Shots! $3 or 2 for $5

assorted flavors ~ vegan, organic, made with Monopolowa grain-free vodka


Bottle of Spindrift, Hot Lips or Jarritos Soda $2

Coffee $1

Plus: The Sexy VeganTandem Treats, Taco Pedaler, Artisan Vegan Cheeses from Miyoko Schinner, Eastside Distilling, our exciting Silent Auction for Chimp Sanctuary Northwest, and the So Delicious Ice Cream Spectacular.
Your host for the evening: Brian "Sexy Vegan" Patton
Your host for the evening: Brian “Sexy Vegan” Patton

Ice Cream Sign_Large

Location (!!): Staver Locomotive, our unique home for the evening, is located at 2537 NW 29th Portland, OR 97210 #15 bus and Portland Streetcar to NW 23rd. Use the Trimet TripPlanner to easily figure it out! There is street parking and free parking in the Powells Warehouse lot.

Wanna Volunteer at the Galarama & Silent Auction for Chimp Sanctuary NW? Details Inside.

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Meet Jody, one of the beautiful creatures at Chimp Sanctuary NW 

As you’ve probably noticed, Vida Vegan Con II is shaping up to be quite a busy weekend, and we’d love your help throwing our Galarama & Silent Auction on Saturday, May 25.

Help us support the chimps!

This includes help setting up, minor decorations, scooping ice cream for the So Delicious spectacular (and we have no doubt you’ll get your fill of vegan ice cream), ticket taking, refreshments prep, Silent Auction donation listings, and breakdown/cleanup. We’d specifically love some help from OLCC-certified folks to help run the bar for the evening. Get in touch!

Please Note: This nonprofit soiree is held during Vida Vegan Con and is open to the public, benefiting Chimp Sanctuary Northwest. We ask that all volunteers are 18 or older. Please provide your details on the form below and we’ll contact you with an assignment and more details. All volunteers will be invited to our Assistant Appreciation night later this summer. If you’d like to get involved with weekend help at Vida Vegan Con somehow, please email us directly ASAP. Thank you so much! 

So, if you can help us out for one task or more, please fill out this form. Thank you!

The Galarama & Silent Auction is open to the public and will be held at Staver Locomotive in NW Portland on the evening of Saturday, May 25.
Tickets are available here. Want to donate a Silent Auction item? See this page.

Galarama seeks Vegan-Friendly Food Carts!

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If you’re a vegan-friendly food cart operator in the Portland area—or mobile and looking for an excuse to visit—we’d love to have you stop by our Saturday night Galarama + Silent Auction on Saturday, May 25, 2013.

We simply ask that you:

a) are a cart

b) make great vegan food

c) only serve vegan food at this event

d) show up with aforementioned great vegan food for a crowd!

More details:

The Vida Vegan Galarama is being held 7–930pm. All 300 Vida Vegan Con II attendees are invited (and their admission is included in the ticket price) and the event is open to the public. More information and General Admission tickets are available here (So exciting: VIP tickets have already sold out).

Please let us know your menu ideas, rates (or minimum), and if you’d rather charge individually or cater at a flat rate.

Gluten-free options are encouraged.

All participants will be featured on our website.

It’s that easy! Email us to get involved and to discuss promotions! [at]

Anyone else pretending this cart is a) in Portland and b) vegan? Make it happen.
One more thing: Anyone else pretending this cart is a) in Portland and b) vegan? Let’s dream.

The Galarama Site Is Live!

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mf24532You already know this if you’re a newsletter subscriber, but we’ve built a whole separate site for the Galarama—if you haven’t checked it out yet, please do, and spread the word. Let’s raise some money for the chimps!

We’re really so excited and proud to have this opportunity to bring everyone together for a fun night while giving back to these beautiful, intelligent creatures that our world has exploited and mistreated.

For registrants and speakers, your admission to this party is complimentary. If you’d like to upgrade to a VIP ticket (limited to 20 • includes a special gift bag, 2 free drinks, and a raffle ticket), you can do so for $20.

Non-VVC public can purchase tickets starting Monday, April 1 (no foolin’). General Admission is $15/$20 at door; $40 VIP.

And super fun news: Brian “The Sexy Vegan” Patton will be our emcee for the evening!

So don’t miss it. Join us at Staver Locomotive in NW Portland Saturday night, May 25, 2013, at 7pm. Learn more here!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Galarama

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This has its own page, but we wanted to talk to y’all about it in a more intimate blog setting.

From day one, we wanted to use this conference as a way to funnel some funds into the hands of animal sanctuaries. We’ve done that by devoting 5% of all registration fees to sanctuaries, and we’re holding a Silent Auction as part of our Saturday night celebration. We’ve chosen Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary as the beneficiary of that Silent Auction. (We’re also peeling off a bit of the Galarama ticket price for them.) We’re so excited to have them, and we’re happy to say Woodstock Co-Founder and Director Jenny Brown will be with us to talk to you about their mission.

We hope you can all join us. Conference speakers and registrants are already on our door list—you get in free! Our venue, Ambridge Event Center, is a pretty decent size, so we have opened it up to the public. Registrants, if you’re traveling with a buddy, you can purchase a ticket for them here. (That goes for you folks who didn’t get into the conference, too—public means public!)

Public admission is $25 (or $30 at the door, if they’re still available) and includes vegan bites from the (vegan) caterer, Sizzle Pie, Gardein, Daiya, and Upton’s Naturals, among others, one drink (BridgePort beer, cocktails or mocktails, or wine from The Vegan Vine), and <insert drumroll and anticipatory murmur of the crowd here> the Coconut Bliss sundae bar! Oh, and you’re entered to win door prizes! And we’re still working up more fun surprises! The event is all ages, but no drinking for the minors so bring your ID.

Intimidated by the Galarama idea? Don’t be! We’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing everything from hoodies and jeans to red-carpet dresses (dresses you’d see on the red carpet, not dresses made of red shag…no, wait! I call it! Nobody else can wear a rug dress!).

If you happen to be the owner of a company or a maker of things, we’d love to feature your wares/services as auction or door prize items. If not, spread the word and maybe you’ll reach one. The more cool stuff we get the more animals Woodstock can care for. To donate, fill out this form.

See you there!