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Guest Post: Kelly & Joni of Backyard BBQ with an Indian Twist

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Time for another guest post!  We start Vida Vegan Con shenanigans tonight at the Meet & Greet and our exclusive sneak peak of Vegucated and Portland is just buzzing with vegan excitement and the smell of nooch. The lovely ladies behind today’s guest post, Joni Marie Newman and Kelly Peloza, are both in town already and wanted to share some information about their Sunday demo at Whole Foods. Spots are still available, and open to non-conference goers, so email us ASAP at VidaVeganConference [AT] to get on the list!
On the Menu: Rosewater Lemon Cupcakes
Enough of that, let’s find out more about those cupcakes and talk Backyard BBQ with an Indian Twist with Kelly & Joni:
We will be taking traditional backward barbecue fare and exciting the
taste buds with a different palette of flavors and texture. On the
menu is Kofta Kebabs with Tangy Tahini Dipping Sauce, Creamy Curry
Coleslaw with Cashews and Currants, and Rosewater Lemonade Cupcakes.
These dishes are single-serving, easy to eat, and delicious, all
desired qualities for your backyard shindig! Join us for a demo, lots
of food samples, and a great time!To start things off, we’ll toss together a simple but delicious
Creamy Curry Coleslaw made with purple cabbage. It is chock full
of surprises. Currants, cashews, and roasted red peppers sneak
into each and every bite. Next up, our main course will be Kofta
Kebabs; A deliciously spiced food-on-a-stick that comes together in
mere minutes. For the more traditional backyard chefs, these kebabs
can also be made into burger patties. Alongside, a Tangy Tahini
Dipping Sauce that also works well as a spread if you opt for a burger
instead.Dessert will be a tantalizing rosewater lemonade cupcake. A fluffy
rosewater-infused buttercream tops a light and delicate lemon cake for
a sweet refreshing finish to an amazing meal. Single-serving desserts
are perfect for any casual get together and these cupcakes are packed
with flavor.

On the menu: Kofta Kabobs and sauce

Vida Vegan Con Presents: Cooking Demos at Whole Foods in the Pearl

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Vida Vegan Con, the first-ever vegan bloggers conference, is proud to announce a series of cooking demos taking place the weekend of August 27 & 28, 2011.

Whole Foods in the Pearl District, a quick streetcar ride away from the Conference Center. Image by J_Q_Adams on Flickr.

These demos are an extension of the sold out conference, and lucky for both conference-goers and the rest of the Portland area, are open to the public! Special thanks to Whole Foods for hosting these classes in their Pearl District Salud cooking studio.

If you are not attending the conference, the cost of a class is $10. To make a reservation, please email us at and let us know which class(es) you’re interested in and how many people will be attending.

Simply send $10 via Paypal here, and let us know which class you’d like in the special instructions. If you wish to attend more than one class, just pay more than once. Feel free to shoot us an email with the details.

If you are a conference attendee – you do not pay. If you’re interested, shoot us an email and RSVP to the corresponding facebook event, and stay tuned for our full agenda to make your ultimate decision.

With the line up ahead, it’ll be no surprise if these small classes book up quickly, and we recommend you sign up in advance.

Class Descriptions:


Dark Chocolate Bliss with Fran Costigan, Queen of Vegan Desserts

Saturday, August 27, 2011 11:45am-1:00pm

Chocolate is the world’s favorite flavor, but to make luscious chocolate desserts, you’ve got to follow some simple foundational rules. Fran shows you how to choose, use, and quick-temper premium-quality, high-percentage vegan chocolates for foolproof, make-ahead, unapologetically delicious desserts that everyone will love.

What’s cookin’? The Chocolate Cake to Live For * Gold-dusted Bittersweet
and Ginger Truffles * Cocoa Syrup-based Tonic * Working with
Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Facebook details & RSVP

Easy Hotel Room Cooking to Eat Healthily While Travelingwith Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, aka The Healthy Voyager

Saturday, August 27, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm

Tips and tricks on how to cook and prep simple food in your hotel room so that you can eat healthy vegan and other special diet foods anywhere in the world.

What’s cookin’? Coffee Pot Miso Soup * Peanut Butter, Banana and Cinnamon Raisin Pinwheels * Cucumber and Avocado Tartines

Facebook details & RSVP


Backyard BBQ with an Indian Twist, with Kelly Peloza, The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur and Joni Marie Newman, Just The Food

Sunday, August 28, 2011 10:00am-11:30am

Enjoy the fabulous outdoors with a twist on traditional BBQ fare.  Classic American favorites with an Indian twist. Kelly and Joni are taking basic backyard BBQ fare like burgers, coleslaw and cupcakes to the next level with an Indian twist. They will demonstrate how the exotic spices of the far east can make a big impact on the flavors in your traditional favorites. Turning boring burgers into kofta, plain old coleslaw into a creamy curry concoction with cashews and currants, and combining the classic flavor of lemonade with rosewater for some out of this world cupcakes.

What’s cookin’? Kofta Kabobs with Tangy Tahini Dipping Sauce * Creamy Curry Coleslaw with Cashews & Currants * Rosewater Lemonade Cupcakes

Facebook details & RSVP

Mastering the Art of Vegan Meringue with Hannah Kaminsky, Bittersweet Blog  

Sunday, August 28, 2011 1:30pm-2:30pm

For anyone who thought that the mere concept of an eggless meringue was an impossible dream, you may not believe your eyes- But you will have to believe your taste buds! Watch Hannah Kaminsky explain in detail how to whip up your very own vegan meringue cookies, and discuss different ways to serve them up. Plus, get the inside information on how to created any flavor of meringue your sweet tooth desires, as well as how to convert that basic recipe to pie toppings, pavlovas, and more.

What’s cookin’? Lemon meringue pie & meringue “kisses” cookies

Facebook Details & RSVP

Vegan Desserts by Hannah Kaminsky
The Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet by Joni Marie Newman

More Great Good Dairy-Free Desserts Naturally by Fran Costigan
The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur by Kelly Peloza
The Healthy Voyager

Please send $10 via Paypal here, and let us know which class you’d like in the special instructions. If you wish to attend more than one class, simply pay more than once. Feel free to shoot us an email with the details.