Reminder…Advance signup for select classes is this Wednesday, May 15!

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Our new home: The Portland Art Museum
Our new home: The Portland Art Museum

Hi folks!


Just a reminder from our last newsletter – advance signup for select classes will happen this Wednesday at 12pm PST.

It’ll happen right here on the VVC blog, so…stay tuned!

We know you subscribe, right?

The select classes will be Food Styling: Keeping it Real with Hannah Kaminsky, Iphone Photography with Isa Chandra Moskowitz, The Making of a Zine: From Conception to Distribution with Kittee Berns, Amey Mathews & Joanna Vaught and Writer’s Block with Isa Chandra Moskowitz (2 independent workshops).

And we’ll be doing this all one signup at a time, per person.

Peruse the updated schedule, think about it, and signup for your first choice first in less than two days.

See you ridiculously soon!

Help Plan a Class this May: Tech for Effective Web Presence

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Image credit: – Please note this is not actually Jason Das

Jason Das, the co-founder of both SuperVegan and Vegan Drinks, is returning to Vida Vegan Con this May to share his expertise and thoughts in a few of our exciting panels and classes: Ethics Beyond the Plate, Vegan Invasion: Community Building, and Tech for Effective Web Presence. 

For this third class, Jason asked us if he could solicit some ideas on just what *you* would like to know more about.

This is your chance to design his class. It’ll be more than a mere general presentation with some handy tips—Jason wants to address your concerns!

Here are some topics being mulled around for the Tech-orientated class:

  • Intro to CSS
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Best SEO practices
  • Tumblr theming

So, what interests you? Let’s make the most of his versatile expertise and innovative planningit’s now in your hands!

If you’d like Jason to explore these, or other topics, simply tweet @floodfish or email him personally:

Be sure to check out the full agenda for Vida Vegan Con II here.

Sneak Peek at the VVC 2013 Schedule

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Hi guys!!

We’ve been hard at work fine-tuning the action-packed schedule for the second annual Vida Vegan Conference in Portland this May. While there’s still some more moving and tweaking and meetings and red pens and butcher paper to go before we can release the final-final schedule, we’re so excited we wanted to share with you guys as much info as we can right now. Remember, it’s THREE days’ worth of classes this year, which comes to almost 40 classes!! Whoosh.

Please note, this schedule is as close to permanent as we can get it, but it is still in progress and bound to change as events finalize.

Note: All class periods will likely be home to 3, if not 4 simultaneous classes. This includes workshops, discussion groups, lively panels, individual talks, and more.

Thursday May 23

  • Unofficial Meet & Greet

In town early? Come to the unofficial Vida Vegan meet & greet and get to know fellow attendees over cocktails & root beer. Location TBD.

Friday May 24

  • Registration
  • Exhibitor Hall Opening & New Product Spotlight/Sampling
  • Class Period 1
  • Class Period 2
  • Class Period 3
  • Class Period 4
  • Opening Talk (TBD) & Reception
  • Unofficial Off-site dine-out!

Make some reservations with old friends (hint, hint: what you may want to do for Portobello, Natural Selection, Blossoming Lotus, etc.) or gather your new friends for a casual dinner around town—it’s time to cross off a restaurant on your must-visit list and enjoy some time outside of the official conference schedule.

Saturday May 25

  • Official Conference Meal: Breakfast
  • Class Period 1
  • Class Period 2
  • Town Hall & Game Show
  • Official Conference Meal: Lunch
  • Class Period 3
  • Class Period 4
  • Class Period 5
  • Off-site Galarama & Silent Auction

Sunday May 26

  • Official Conference Meal: Breakfast
  • Class Period 1
  • Class Period 2
  • Official Conference Meal: Lunch
  • Class Period 3
  • Ice Cream Break/Exhibitor spotlight/Giveaway time!
  • Class Period 4
  • Closing Talk

We’re super excited about three days of learnin’ and meetin’ and eatin’, and hope you are too! Remember, tickets are still available for purchase (but going fast). Also: Lodging and Room Block info coming within the week. Stay tuned!

Janessa, Jess and Michele

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Tech Seminar Classes & Speakers

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It’s here! It’s here! We’ve got class descriptions and instructors for our Tech Seminar. And they’re some brainy folks.

Every step of the way, developing this seminar has been so exciting—not just getting Veggie Grill to sponsor lunch, either. We really wanted to put together classes to answer questions we heard from the VVC comment cards, in the Facebook group, and, quite honestly, what we face every day. Should I pay the $30 to be able to edit my CSS code in WordPress? Can I just use the free YouTube video editor? How do you link your social media platforms (and should you)?

With glee and joy and all things that are good, we present to you the lineup for Vida Vegan’s very first seminar: Tech.

(Check out this page for further information and registration!)

Blog Design in an Ever-Changing Digital Landscape

What should you be doing when your blog starts getting heavier traffic? Do you know what responsive design is? Is your blog’s theme or layout ready for mobile, tablets, and other screen sizes and resolutions? Are you interested in changing your theme, updating your fonts, or learning a little CSS to help with design?

Learn how to choose the correct platform, blog theme, hosting solution, and design strategies to make sure visitors have a smooth experience and keep coming back. We will provide examples during class with a take-away sheet of helpful URLs.

Tim Mauldin is Software Architect and Technologist who has done projects for companies large and small. He is an expert in software optimization and loves to solve performance problems. He currently resides in Austin, TX, and has a vegan taco problem.

Elizabeth Miller is Design Lead as well as Senior Front-End Developer for Squishymedia, a medium-size web development agency in Portland. Elizabeth’s 10 years of design experience includes projects for Ralph Lauren, Sony, and Mercedes-Benz. She designs beyond surface appearances to create lovely and usable interactive experiences. She loves vegan mac-n-cheese burritos the most.

Next-Level Social Media

How do you connect your blogging goals with social media? This intermediate-level session for people already active with Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks will explore the use of these tools to build community and craft your personal vs. blog identity. We’ll look at identifying and utilizing emerging social media platforms such as Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest. We’ll also touch upon best practices for sharing content across these different platforms

Helen Pitlick is super excited to be speaking about social media. She has a Master of Communication in Digital Media from the University of Washington, teaches lawyers how to blog at LexBlog, and previously managed social media for In her spare time, she writes Vegtastic! and probably tweets too much about cats.

Dawn Quinn is fascinated with social media and the ways communication is constantly changing. She began the MCDM program at University of Washington this fall so she could further study these changes. Dawn is a copywriter, blogs at Vegan Moxie, eats lots of Brussels sprouts, and lives with her partner and two cats.

The Nuts ‘n’ Bolts of a Web Page

In this class, we will walk through the basics of creating a simple web page that will introduce three core web technologies: HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Starting with the simplest possible valid HTML code, we will incrementally make the page more interesting by adding: content (HTML), style (CSS) and interaction (Javascript).

By the end of the class, we will have created an informative, pretty and dyncamic page, as well as developed a basic knowledge of web development.

Colin Barringer works for athenaHealth, Inc., developing medical billing software. He has an M.S. in computer science, has been working as a web developer for 4 years, and has extensive knowledge of a variety of computer programming languages. When pushed, he might admit that the Internet was a mistake.

Podcasting on a Budget

Whether you’re looking to get involved in community radio or want to independently produce a podcast, Barb will show you tips and tricks that will bring your podcast activism to the next level, no matter what your budget. Topics include choosing recording equipment and software according to your needs, finances, and operating system (Mac or PC), getting your show into iTunes and other podcatchers, integrating with your blog, and managing related web and social media efforts. You’ll also learn mic technique, editing shortcuts and best practices, and tips for managing interview notes and information overload.

Barb Troyer is the technical producer and co-host of All Things Vegan radio, a low-budget labor of love, broadcasting for 2 years on community radio in Bend, Oregon‒and podcasting to the world. An IT consultant by day, Barb tweaks software and graphics and teaches end users, who she rewards with vegan candy.

Shooting, Editing & Integrating Video

You don’t need to be intimidated by video. We’ll look at choosing equipment and shooting video, editing programs, and adding extras like titles and audio. We’ll also cover hosting and embedding these videos into your blog or website.

Angel Barclay is an Environmental Studies major at the University of Oregon. She enjoys exploring all the natural wonders Oregon has to offer, riding her bicycle, and documenting her adventures. She began creating videos in 2010, to share her exploits with friends and family residing 2,000 miles away in the state of cornfields and fireflies: Illinois (where she called home, until 2009). She blogs at Sister Legumes, and you can find her on her Vimeo channel, when she’s not hijacking her boyfriend’s YouTube channel, BreadBikeBlog.

It Is Here: The Conference Schedule

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Note: email sign-up is recommend for the following workshops: Photography, Podcasting, and Writers’ Block with Isa. Advance sign-up is also recommended for the Cooking Demos. We’ll have last-minute spots at the registration table, if available. We do not have sign-ups for other classes.

The final schedule for the first-ever vegan bloggers conference is here! This weekend event will feature classes, panel discussions, workshops, excursions, local vegan dining options, receptions, entertainment, and more.

This is our official schedule, which will also be printed in the attendee program/notebook everyone will receive a copy of. There is a Conference Center map inside the program. You can also check out our Vida Vegan Con google map, including all scheduled off-site events and our local vegan favorites.

If you have a smartphone, we recommend bookmarking this map, and utilizing Trimet’s public transit trip planner or a Trimet app such as PDX Bus.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

4:30–6:30 pm • Informal Meet & Greet
In town early? Already a Pacific Northwest dweller? Come join the early birds and natives for this casual get-together at Vendetta (4306 N Williams), located on the #44 and #4 bus lines. Check out the facebook event here. Weather permitting, we’ll be hanging out on the back patio, eating some SloppyJanes. Conference registration is not required—bring your significant others and traveling pals!

7 pm • Sneak Preview of Vegucated, a documentary
We’re pleased to present a sneak preview of the documentary Vegucated. For more information, check out their website. The film’s creator and director will be on hand for a Q&A following the screening at Curious Comedy Theater (5225 NE MLK). Here’s the facebook event. Please buy your tickets in advance. Conference registration is not required.

Friday, August 26

3:00–6:00 pm • Early Registration
Make sure to check in and pick up your stylin’ Vida Vegan badge, official materials (book, map, and whatnot), and Swag Bag of Wonder at the registration table before the start of tomorrow’s activities. (The registration table will be also be open Saturday morning.)

6:00–7:30 pm • VegNews Champagne & Cupcake Reception
Our opening reception, held in the Exhibitor/Columbia Ballroom. Have  a glass of bubbly (or mocktail) or two, try some cupcakes, hazelnut-based cheese and crackers from Heidi Ho Organics, say hi to our exhibitors, pick out your favorite Panda with Cookie creation, and make some new friends. Courtesy ofVegNews.

8:15pm… Late-Night Wander
You won’t forgive yourself if you come to Portland and don’t explore the city at night! Grab your map or join a group of us for a cart or bar crawl. A MAX line just so happens to journey from the PSU campus to a 24-hour doughnut shop with vegan yeasted and cake doughnuts, not to mention the new UniCart.

Psst, guess what our Golden Beet Sponsor is bringing for an after-lunch treat? Oh, yes.

Saturday, August 27

8:00–9:50 am · Registration & Breakfast in the Ballroom
Today’s breakfast is sponsored by Earth Balance
biscuits & gravy · pancakes (GF) · fresh fruit · roasted potatoes · tofu scramble (based on Jam on Hawthorne’s) · bagels & Earth Balance spreads · raw chia parfait · fruit cobbler · Earth Balance & So Delicious nondairy beverages

9:159:50 am · Welcome Address from Vida Vegan Founders and Special Speaker Laura Beck

10:00–11:15 am
Astoria: Build-a-Blog
Amey Mathews, Sherri Montgomery, Bianca Phillips
From techie skills and design to gaining a loyal fan base, this panel will cover the basics of how to create a blog and make it successful.

Coos Bay: Photography Workshop
Hannah Kaminsky, Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Susan Voisin
Learn how to create mouthwatering images to make your blog irresistible! Fancy equipment is not required, just a digital camera (a DSLR is recommended, but point-and-shoot models are fine).  With this hands-on workshop, you’ll get tips and tricks from the masterminds behind some of the most visually appealing vegan blogs on the Web. Styling, lighting, and finding the perfect composition will be among the many topics covered.
Advance sign-up is recommended. Email

Willamette Falls: Travel Panel
Laura Beck, Webly Bowles, Samantha Cohen, Jason Das, Carolyn Scott-Hamilton; moderator: Colleen Holland
You won’t want to miss this panel discussion on how thrilling (and delicious) vegan travel has become. Learn tips and tricks from the travel pros on getting the most out of your destinations—along with their best-kept secrets of must-try restaurants, where to stay, and cities they never expected to be vegan-friendly. Our all-star bloggers will also dish on their strategies for reviewing restaurants (anonymous or wide open?), their most popular posts ever, and what websites and blogs they use to build their own trips.

11:20 am12:15 pm
Astoria: Nutrition Panel
Wendy Gabbe Day, Bryanna Clark Grogan, Gena Hamshaw, Ginny Messina; moderator: Grant Butler
“Where do you get your protein?” That’s only the beginning of the confusion surrounding vegan nutrition. Find out which superfoods are superfriends in a vegan diet, what sort of supplements should be on your shopping list, and learn to read nutrition labels like a skilled dietitian. Plus, learn how to answer pesky questions from those convinced that not eating meat will leave you weak and anemic, and how to share the encouraging news about how a plant-based diet fights chronic illnesses like cancer and diabetes. We’ll also share some delicious ideas to help you break out of any vegan cooking rut.

Coos Bay: Young & Vegan
Hannah Kaminsky, Kelly Peloza, Sunny Subramanian
Growing up vegan can be tough, especially when the rest of your family can’t appreciate your herbivorous ways—or worse, try to sabotage your efforts!  Have you ever wondered how under-age vegans get through that awkward stage of adolescence while maintaining a compassionate lifestyle?  Hear the trials and tribulations of fellow younger veggies, and compare notes on how to survive without a drivers license, money for groceries, or your parents’ approval.

Willamette Falls: Podcasting Workshop
Webly Bowles, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Erika Larson, Jordan Pattern, Jasmin Singer
In this interactive workshop, learn from expert vegan and animal rights podcasters about everything from the skills and tools needed for producing your show, to finding and managing content, to providing an engaging voice for your listeners, and much more. At this behind-the-scenes look at some of your favorite podcasts, be sure to bring your creativity and your questions.
Advance sign-up is recommended. Email

NOTE: This is off-site. The street car picks up outside the conference center.
11:45 am–1:00 pm · Whole Foods Salud Cooking Studio (upstairs in the Mezz, 1210 NW Couch): Dark Chocolate Bliss
Fran Costigan
Chocolate is the world’s favorite flavor, but to make luscious chocolate desserts, you’ve got to follow some simple foundational rules. Fran shows you how to choose, use, and quick-temper premium-quality, high-percentage vegan chocolates for foolproof, make-ahead, unapologetically delicious desserts that everyone will love.
What’s cookin’? The Chocolate Cake to Live For · Gold-dusted Bittersweet & Ginger Truffles · Cocoa Syrup-based Tonic · Working with Chocolate Transfer Sheets
Advance sign-up is recommended. Email

12:20–1:20 pm
Astoria: The Accidental Journalist
Gabrielle Pope, Dawn Quinn, Michele Truty
Blogging just might be the new journalism. So you didn’t major in Communications—that doesn’t mean you’re not a journalist now. Get tips from three ladies with diverse publishing backgrounds about everything from grammar and style (the rules and how to break them), to developing your voice and the identity of your blog, to your legal responsibilities as an independent publisher. We’ll also talk about how to venture out and approach other outlets with query letters. Bring your questions!

Columbia Falls Ballroom: Vegan Battle Royale
Kittee Berns, Mo Martin, Amey Mathews
A game show based on trivia, dares, and your ultimate knowledge of blogs. Two teams enter, but only one will be crowned the ultimate survivor.

Willamette Falls: Group & Community Blogging
Laura Beck, Samantha Cohen, Jason Das, Meave Gallagher, Anika Lehde; moderator: Elizabeth Castoria
No blogger is an island, and community bloggers know the power of working together. Managing contributors, finding excellent new voices to bring to your blog, or coming up with creative features that gain instant popularity, running a community blog is a big job. Turning to the best and brightest minds who consistently knock out engaging, amusing, and informative content, we’ll explore what works when a blog features multiple voices, what doesn’t, and where the future of community blogging is headed.

1:30–2:30 pm · Lunch in the Ballroom: Northwest Picnic
Barbecue tempeh · Gardein tenders · roasted summer vegetables · raw beet salad · pesto potato salad w/Earth Balance Mindful Mayo · raw hummus · orzo salad · kale salad · crudite · flavored Earth Balance spreads

NOTE: This is off-site. The street car picks up outside the conference center.
3:00–4:00 · Whole Foods Salud Cooking Studio (upstairs in the Mezz, 1210 NW Couch): Easy Hotel Room Cooking to Eat Healthily While Traveling
Carolyn Scott-Hamilton
Tips and tricks on how to cook and prep simple food in your hotel room so that you can eat healthy vegan and other special diet foods anywhere in the world.
What’s cookin’? Coffee Pot Miso Soup · Peanut Butter, Banana and Cinnamon Raisin Pinwheels · Cucumber and Avocado Tartines
Advance sign-up is recommended. Email

2:35–3:35 pm
Astoria: Small Town, Represent!
Lauren Christianson, John McDevitt, Ryan Patey, Bianca Phillips; moderator: Elizabeth Castoria
Sure they’re small, but all those little towns and villages probably cover more space than the biggest cities around. So, if you travel outside of your safe vegan bubble, or if you’re looking to turn your small town into its own veg haven, you have to be crafty. With a few tricks of our own, and one too many french fry dinners on road trips, we’re hoping to help you on your way to finding hidden gems and building a vegan community wherever you go.

Coos Bay: Positive Blogging
Gena Hamshaw, Janessa Philemon-Kerp, Leigh-Chantelle Koch, Christa Shelton
Four experienced bloggers share with you their combined expertise. Explore the essence of positivity for each blogger, their own blogging and writing styles, and how to express positivity in a direct and focused way that is not always synonymous with sweet. They explain how they each send a positive message to shine beyond the cynicism, negativity, and judgemental bloggersphere.

Willamette Falls: Parenting Panel
Ben Grossblatt, Sarah Matheny, Sayward Rebhal, Joanna Vaught; moderator: Michelle Schwegmann
Navigating parenthood is a tough job. Navigating vegan parenthood is no tougher—just a bit different. Bring your questions and curiosities the this panel of vegan parents who write, blog, work and yes, parent real vegan children! Typical questions and concerns will be covered with plenty of time for personal attention to the needs of panel attendees. Vegan kids rock!

3:40–4:45 pm
Astoria: Dating & Mating Panel
Lidiana C., Samantha Cohen, Jason Das,  Janessa Philemon-Kerp, Alanna Maeve; moderator: Grant Butler
So many things to consider when choosing a mate: looks, intelligence, personality, morals, values, and life goals. How important is choosing a partner who eats the same way you do? Is it about health? Morals? Ethics? And what do you do if your like-minded significant other suddenly decides they want to eat another way? Is it a relationship-breaker? The Dating & Mating panel will discuss the joys and hardships of dating as a vegan.

Willamette Falls: Planting Seeds of Compassion: Communication as Activism
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
In this inspiring talk, Colleen offers tips and tactics for being the best and most effective advocates and explains why we need to be Ambassadors of Compassion, as well as why we need to take back the word “meat.”

6:30–9:30 pm
The Vida Vegan Galarama and Silent Auction for Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
Vida Vegan gets its fancy on. Join us at Ambridge Event Center (located on the #6 bus line at 1333 NE MLK) for a night of food, drink, music, and a Silent Auction. Pull out your shiny shoes, untangle those bangles, and iron that ascot—do it for the animals. All funds from the Silent Auction and a portion of tickets sold will be going straight to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. We’re humbled by the donated items to be auctioned off and predict some pretty decent bidding! As a Vida Vegan Con registrant, your admission to the Galarama is included. If you’ve got companions here in Portland with you, fret not! We’re opening this party up to the public. Tickets can be purchased here.

9:45 pm… More Late-Night Wandering
Yes, we’ll be heading out on the town again. It’s either that or a pillowfight in the dorms.

Sunday, August 28

8:30–9:35 am · Breakfast in the Ballroom
Today’s breakfast is sponsored by So Delicious
biscuits & gravy · pancakes (GF) · fresh fruit · roasted potatoes · tofu scramble (based on Jam on Hawthorne’s) · bagels & Earth Balance spreads · raw chia parfait · fruit cobbler · Earth Balance & So Delicious nondairy beverages

9:40–10:55 am
Astoria: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: The Marketing Panel
Fran Costigan, Kyle Domer, Anika Lehde, Stephanie Redcross; moderator: Jess Scone
A spirited discussion on the practicality, success, and ethics of various marketing practices in the vegan blog world, from the smooth to the cringe-worthy. Our panelists have expertise on branding, product reviews, publishing, social media, business development, and more.

Coos Bay: Budgeting & Meal Planning
Lidiana C., Mo Martin
Eating a plant-based diet full of fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and nuts can be affordable with some simple budgeting and meal planning. Join us as we discuss maximizing your budget and optimizing your nutrition while minimizing your time in the kitchen and reducing your waste.

Willamette Falls: Activism Panel
Leigh-Chantelle Koch, Chelsea Lincoln, Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Ryan Patey, Sunny Subramanian; moderator: Jasmin Singer
Learn from a panel of AR activists from all walks of life what it takes to create a successful campaign, manage the power of the Internet effectively as a means of creating change, and how anyone with any background can step up their game–using the skills they already have to create a world of difference for animals.

NOTE: This is off-site. The street car picks up outside the conference center.
10:00–11:30 am · Whole Foods Salud Cooking Studio (upstairs in the Mezz, 1210 NW Couch): Backyard BBQ with an Indian Twist
Joni Marie Newman, Kelly Peloza
Kelly and Joni are taking basic backyard BBQ fare like burgers, coleslaw and cupcakes to the next level with an Indian twist. They will demonstrate how the exotic spices of the far east can make a big impact on the flavors in your traditional favorites. Turning boring burgers into kofta, plain old coleslaw into a creamy curry concoction with cashews and currants, and combining the classic flavor of lemonade with rosewater for some out of this world cupcakes.
What’s cookin’? Kofta Kabobs with Tangy Tahini Dipping Sauce · Creamy Curry Coleslaw with Cashews & Currants · Rosewater Lemonade Cupcakes
Advance sign-up is recommended. Email

11:00–11:45 am
Astoria: Writer’s Block (This class will run until 12:35.)
Isa Chandra Moskowitz
Bring your pens, your paper, and your courage, it’s time to get down and dirty…it’s time to get writing! This hands-on workshop focuses on getting over writer’s block, and transforming your thoughts into written words. Using food as our focus, we’ll perform several writing exercises to compose fully realized pieces of writing. To attend this workshop, you’ll have to be open to sharing what you write out loud, discussing the rest of the group’s written pieces, and listening to feedback about your own pieces. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and hopefully you’ll gain insight and skills that last you a lifetime.
Advance sign-up is recommended. Email

Willamette Falls: Extreme Food Writing Makeover
Dynise Balcavage
Do you love to blog and cook, but hate to write? Are your culinary descriptions as wilted as last week’s beet greens? Eating requires no special skills. But culinary blogging requires a genuine passion for food and the ability to make readers “taste” your creations using words alone—and as few of them as possible. The Urban Vegan will help both newbie and veteran food bloggers pare down their writing and “tofu up” the descriptiveness of their posts. She’ll also help bloggers infuse their blogs with personality and find their own voices as foodwriters.

11:50 am–12:35 pm
Astoria: Product Reviews and Ethics
Kyle Domer, MeShell Gudz, John McDevitt, Bianca Phillips
From freebie products to dining out, learn the dos and don’ts of reviewing vegan products and restaurants.

Willamette Falls: Story-making and Food Blogging (There’s a DRAGON in my tempeh taco…)
Terry Hope Romero
A longtime nerd tells her tales of entering the blog universe backward, figuring it out along the way, and finding the story within. Terry believes that engaging food blogging should tell a story, and as a longtime gamer Terry will share her outlook on how playing role-playing games, traveling, and cooking in front of hundreds of total strangers have shaped how she tells her food stories online and in the printed world.

12:40–1:40 pm · Lunch in the Ballroom: Casa Bonita
tortillas/greens · raw walnut meat (GF, SF) · spicy Soy Curls · Upton’s Naturals chorizo · Spanish rice · Daiya pepperjack · D.A.M. salsa · cauliflower hummus · a ton of fixin’s (GF, SF, raw)

NOTE: This is off-site. The street car picks up outside the conference center.
1:30–2:30 pm · Whole Foods Salud Cooking Studio (upstairs in the Mezz, 1210 NW Couch): Mastering the Art of Vegan Meringue
Hannah Kaminsky
For anyone who thought that the mere concept of an eggless meringue was an impossible dream, you may not believe your eyes—but you will have to believe your taste buds! Get the inside information on how to create any flavor of meringue your sweet tooth desires, as well as how to convert that basic recipe to pie toppings, pavlovas, and more.
What’s cookin’? Lemon meringue pie & meringue “kisses” cookies
Advance sign-up is recommended. Email

1:45–3:00 pm
Astoria: Vegan Fashion
Leigh-Chantelle Koch, Anika Lehde, Janessa Philemon-Kerp
Don’t let the wool be pulled over your eyes; learn how to shop smartly and wear creatively. Explore what it means to shop (and blog!) as a vegan and how to utilize fashion as activism. These ladies will dish on our favorite stores, their favorite brands, and how to use what you wear to make a statement, in real life and in your blog.

Willamette Falls: Publishing Panel
Bryanna Clark Grogan, Julie Hasson, Joni Marie Newman, Ryan Patey; moderator: Isa Chandra Moskowitz
Got the itch to expand from that blog? How do you do it? Do you need an agent or just an amazing proposal? Do you need an established house or should you be your own publisher? Print or electronic? This panel of pros will share their experiences to help make you more confident with whatever path you choose.

3:15–4:20 pm
Astoria: Specialty Diets
Kittee Berns, Fran Costigan, Gena Hamshaw, Susan Voisin
Gluten-free, soy-free, fat-free, raw…there are as many nuances to the vegan diet as any other. In this class, we share our special approaches to vegan living. Learn why and how these lifestyle choices might be right for you, how to navigate them healthfully, and how to modify some of your favorite dishes in new and exciting ways. Complete with product recommendations and recipe ideas, this will be a fun and informative intro to some of today’s hottest eating styles.

Coos Bay: Reality, Identity & Blogging
Dynise Balcavage, Lidiana C., Lauren Christensen, Sarah Matheny, Jess Scone
In the age of instant reality TV and YouTube stardom, near-inescapable Facebook photo tagging, and Internet obsession, we discuss keeping our blogs authentic, boundaries, attention, and reality.

Willamette Falls: Your Blog Sucks: Opinionated Bloggers
Laura Beck, Ben Grossblatt, Jordan Pattern, Jasmin Singer
In the Internet age, where nearly everyone and their dog-walker has a blog, learn from some of the most passionate voices in the AR blogosphere what it takes to make yours one that people will read, and then come back to over and over again. In this panel, you will walk away with an understanding of the importance–and occasional consequences–of being heard loud and clear.

4:25–5:00 pm · Closing Address: Isa Chandra Moskowitz;
Thank You from the Vida Vegan Founders
If you haven’t already, swap your business cards or fill in your address book/fancy phone with all your new friends—you’ll have a lot of new blogs to catch up on once you get home!

7:00 pm… Optional Dine-Out
Still planning on being in town? Let us know when you check in at the registration table and we’ll save you a spot for our Sunday night dine-out…at a location to be determined. We’re open to suggestions!

The Urban Vegan seeks blog posts for class

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It’s time for some official Vida Vegan Con class news – Dynise Balcavage, of The Urban Vegan, is seeking submissions for her class, an ‘Extreme Food Writing Workshop‘, one of a few classes discussing the art of food writing itself at the conference. Here’s the request, via Dynise:

Wanted: Food blog post “makeover” candidates for my Viva Vegan conference workshop

Are your culinary descriptions as wilted as last week’s lettuce? Food blogging requires the ability to make readers “taste” your creations using words alone – & as few as possible. I’ll help you pare down your writing & “tofu up” your descriptiveness. Want one of your blog posts made over? Send me a link:

Note: This is not limited to conference goers. Jump on in, folks!


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Recently, the Vida Vegan Con organizers sat down with our pens, markers, assorted highlighters, printouts, posterboard, computers, Michele’s cat, teacups of mimosa, and here today, we officially present our 2011 Vida Vegan Con Classes and Speaking Assignments:

Of course, everything is subject to change. Expect surprises. Our fingers are still crossed for a special guest appearance and dance-along with Ellen.



  • Extreme Food Writing Makeover, Dynise Balcavage, Urban Vegan


Cooking Demos at Whole Foods:

  • To be Announced! (If you’re a speaker and interested – shoot us an email!)

Opening Talk:

  • To Be Announced!

Closing Talk:

Speaking of greatness, if you’re one of our speakers or moderators and don’t feel up to date, email us and let’s get in the loop! As always, stay tuned for more. Detailed email updates are going out for each class starting today.

As of this post, the conference is entirely sold out, but email us immediately at VidaVeganConference [at] to join the waitlist and  we’ll let you know if spots open.

All three organizers (Janessa, Michele & myself) will be doing giveaways on our own blogs, as well as our sponsors. The first creative contest will be announced this weekend on Get Sconed!

Everything is still in development, but if you have any questions or concentrations you’d like the panels, classes, and workshops to cover, simply email us at VidaVeganConference[at] or post on our facebook wall.

We can’t make any guarantees, but we’ll all try our hardest in this big group effort of vegan community!

Look for select live-streaming of the event if you can’t attend!

Our Saturday evening Silent Auction & Galarama will be open to the public as well – details to come! Consider it the vegan prom for vegan bloggers. That’s right.


See you all this summer at the world’s first vegan blogging conference!