2015 SWAG

Thank you so, so much for the following companies for being a part of our Vida Vegan Con III SWAG Bag of Wonder!

Image source: @vegan.in.brighton on Instagram

Beanfields 💛 Chicago Vegan Foods 💛 Chocolate Hollow 

Compassionate Closet 💛 CykoChick  💛 Earth Balance Natural  

Earth Lab Cosmetics  💛  Endorfin Chocolates 

Fair Winds/Quarto 💛 Heidi Ho  💛 MailChimp 

Manitoba Harvest  💛 Michele’s Granola  💛 Miyoko’s Kitchen

Nacheez   💛 NadaMoo! 💛  Nutramatix 

Parma  💛 Perfect Bar   💛 Powbab 

PureFit 💛 Real Deal Snacks  💛 Rebel Kitchen 

Schmidt’s Deoderant  💛 Skout 💛 Sophie’s Kitchen

StarLite Cuisine 💛 Taco Cleanse 💛 Tasty 

Vegan Cuts  💛 Vegan Vanity Apparel  💛 Yuve

And just as importantly, thanks to Jessica and Gabe of Rabbit Food Grocery for taking such good care of our SWAG (and letting it take over your storage….and entire house!) and all our pals for their hard work creating SWAG mountains, galore: Milo, Wes, Joanna, Julia, Nick, Jojo and Stephanie. THANK YOU, forevs. As you now know, we could not have done that without you, tornado and flash flooding, be darned.

One thought on “2015 SWAG

    […] sessions there was lunch of Bowls a la PDX, and at the very end of the day – I picked up my grande bag of swag. So much awesome stuff, some of which I managed to take back home with […]


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