Security Cameras: Common Problems and How to Fix Them

While you may think that you have gotten the best security camera, some experts say that’s not always the case. Even the top-of-the-line home camera systems need a little shoring and tuning up to utilize their full potential. And these fixes and modifications are generally fairly straightforward.

To make your home as safe and secure as you can, here are the common problems with home camera systems and the simple fixes you can do.

Issue: Using the security systems’ default passwords and codes

Specific IP camera video streams are open for access on the web. And you have to be vigilant of the unsecured cameras as they might leak your private information online, which is dangerous. Don’t make this easy to happen by not changing the default login information your security system came with.

Solution: Create your own unique username and don’t use a generic password

Home camera systems are invented to offer security – and not to let your surveillance footage be available everywhere. To prevent others from prying into your private information, ensure that you change the default login information that came with your security system. Make the usernames and passwords wholly unique and tough to guess. Also, don’t make the username and password similar to your other accounts online. User passwords that can’t be deciphered based on what people can find out about you on the web.

Issue: Individual security products that make up an entire system

One of the most common problems that arise with security systems is when people put together security products from different brands – to make up one system. This may result in incompatibility, and thus may cause the system not to function at all.

Solution: Get your security systems from the same trusted brand

To get rid of the incompatibility problems brought by separate security system components, merely get security system package from one brand. Doing so will ensure that the individual components will work together seamlessly. Trusted and reliable security companies will give you more peace of mind when it comes to product quality and sense of safety.

Issue: Insufficient alarm coverage

Home camera systems have a limited coverage area. Although you have a state-of-the-art system, it won’t do any good if an intruder breaks into your property through an opening not covered by your security and surveillance system.

Solution: Support security gaps

The installation step of a security camera will clue you in on how it can be optimized. For instance, select a high and broad angle when setting up a home security system. Check all entryways and make sure that your camera grid covers them without any open spots.
Also, ensure that the doors and windows on all levels are fitted with an alarm; doors and windows are the most vulnerable spots to any property.

Issue: False alarms

Home security systems creating false alarms are a common issue. It can get frustrating continually receiving alarms because of the wind or birds flying past your windows. False alarms are usually caused by wrong installation, human error, and a broken security system.

Solution: Generate masking and set motion detection sensitivity

One of the most effective ways to troubleshoot home security false alarms is to utilize the mask feature to prevent motion detection in some areas. For instance, an outdoor security camera installed in your backyard can be set with a motion detection sensitivity.

Issue: Security systems lacking regular maintenance

Regular maintenance such as replacing batteries or lightly cleaning the components will affect the functionality of your home camera systems. Older systems that don’t get regular checks are more likely to fail due to the components not working effectively.

Solution: Regularly check your home security system

This solution doesn’t require any brainpower. Perform regular maintenance before you think you even need it. Maintaining your system will mean the difference between it working efficiently or failing entirely. Ensure that the parts that need batteries always have fresh ones. Call for any required professional repairs. Pay closer attention to older systems and upgrade to a newer model if necessary. Doing this step will prevent the most common home camera systems issues and ensure its effectivity.