Remote control blinds are one of the favorite smart home features of homeowners.

How Do Remote Control Blinds Work?

When it comes to window treatment technologies, it’s all about remote control blinds nowadays. With a mere flip of a switch or push of a button, you can open and close your remote control blinds to provide the comfort, convenience, and security you need. However, there’s more to how remote control blinds work and the benefits they bring?

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Adding Remote Control Blinds to Your Home

Whether you’re looking to update your window treatment, or in the process of renovating your home, incorporating remote control blinds is an innovative way to add comfort and security to your home.

These window shades allow you to conveniently close and open the window – creating the perfect ambiance you want for your space. This convenience is what mainly attracts homeowners to go for add remote control blinds as a feature in their home.

They like the ease of adjusting the blinds comfortably; they don’t have to do it by moving heavy or hard-to-reach blinds manually. If you want the cutting-edge innovation that is a motorized shade, we’ll discuss it more in today’s post.

Types of Remote Control Blinds

There are three types of ways to control blinds: battery-powered, hard-wired, solar-powered remotely. Let’s see the differences of each type, so you’ll know which one best fits your and your home’s needs.

Battery-Powered Blinds

Blinds controlled by a battery wand is one of the more popular choices among homeowners. The control is a battery-wand typically powered by 8-16 AA lithium-ion batteries. This type of battery is ideal because of their ability to withstand the heat of the sun – without melting.

Depending on the way the windows were mounted, the battery wands are placed on either side. However, one considered downside is the lifespan of the batteries. These lithium-ion batteries can only last for about a year. In some cases, the longevity of the batteries will depend on how big your window shades are and, of course, how often they are used.

Remote control blinds come in different style options.

After that period, you will need to change them. For some people, the need to change the batteries may come sooner – especially if the blinds are already moving slower than usual.

To remove the batteries, remove the cap, and they will easily fall out.

Solar-Powered Blinds

As the name suggests, this type of motorized blind gets powered by solar energy. This window treatment utilizes solar panels with a rechargeable battery wand positioned behind the window. This position lets the battery wand gets charged with the sunlight it needs.

With this type of motorized window treatment, you wouldn’t need any external lift cords. The shades are already capable of being lowered to or raised from the ground. Also, with the help of solar energy, the blind laths can tilt close or open.

Solar-powered window treatments are also relatively easy to install – even without the help of a professional. You will, however, need to replace the solar-powered batteries after about 24 months, or when the window coverings don’t move as fast anymore.

Hard-Wired Blinds

New builds or renovated homes should consider installing hard-wired remote control blinds and shades in their property. You will need the assistance of a professional electrician to complete this project. Since this type of window treatment is installed directly to a power cord that plugs into an outlet, there’s no need for any charging.

While there are additional energy costs, more homeowners prefer the convenience of not having to change batteries or charge the windows. Hard-wired blinds and shades are also more powerful, which makes them the ideal option for heavier blinds and shades.

Key Takeaway

Whichever type of motorized blinds you choose, keep in mind that they work the same way as opening or closing your garage door. This feature means they utilize radio frequency, and the remote needs to be within 60 – 65 feet away from the window units.

Remote control blinds offer the convenience and security you can take advantage.

Depending on the size of the room and your specific needs, go with either a five-channel or a single remote.

The former can work independently controlling separate windows; the latter, on the other hand, controls all shades at once. Most remotes can also be programmed to your specified settings.

For more information on motorized window treatments, don’t hesitate to conduct your own research – aside from consulting window installers. This way, you’ll have a wealth of information to make an informed decision.