Full Weekend Tickets Sold Out, Head to the Vegan Bazaar!

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The murmurs are true. With 14 days until Vida Vegan Con III hits Austin, we can proudly announce that we’re sold out of full weekend registrations! Thank you all so, so, so much!


We truly appreciate our attendees so: all of you who’ve been before and wanted to return, and all of those who’ve decided to join us for the first time this year at our final conference. We’ll see you all in 2 weeks…or sooner! [Seriously, Jess here, posting this from Bouldin Creek over coffee & tofu ren]

If you missed out and you’re super serious about wanting to join us, we suggest you do one or more of the following:

  1. Tweet @vidavegancon and let us know you’re looking for a ticket and we’ll re-share, in case there’s someone who can no longer make it. Make sure to use #vidavegancon
  2. Write on our VVC Facebook wall or leave a comment on our updates over there or on Instagram, so folks can see you’re on the look for a ticket!
  3. Leave a comment on this post below, with your contact info or twitter @user.

Disclaimer: It’s important to know that Vida Vegan Con does not offers refunds or cancellations. All ticket transfers are done independently and are your own responsibilities. Once a transfer is complete, all you need to do is email both parties’ names, the new attendee’s name, and your contact emails. After that, we’ll add the new party to our door list and send out a confirmation email. Please make all transfer 72 hours before the ‘Con, so we can finalize our door list!

THIS IS AWESOME: For the first time ever, we’re mixing things up and opening up an entire day of the ‘Con experience for the Vegan Bazaar.

This means that IF YOU MISSED OUT on grabbing a ticket, or don’t have the entire weekend free, or it’s just not feasible to purchase registration, take that time off of work and fly out here, or you’re just looking for something fun and deliciously vegan to do one afternoon: You can still attend our Vegan Bazaar!

Vida Vegan Con presents Vegan Bazaar

ALL ABOUT THE VEGAN BAZAAR: The new festival offers a taste of Vida Vegan Con, where you can meet all of our vendors at once (at last count, over 70!), get your sample on, watch live demos by the “Queen of Vegan DessertsFran Costigan, and Bianca Phillips of Vegan Crunk, take in special talks from best-selling cookbook author Terry Hope Romero of Vegan Latina and Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary, and learn from Joanna Vaught’s Vegan Family + Parenting panel, and just “How We Made Austin Awesome“, with moderator Stephanie Bogdanich, aka “Lazy Smurf“.

Plus, we’ll have at least four food trucks with special menus right parked outside The Marchesa’s door: Cool Beans, Arlo’s, Sadie B. Foods and The Vegan Nom!

Grab your tickets to Friday’s Vegan Bazaar right now and save $6 off advance admission with the discount code “TOFUTACO“, which is good until Sunday morning, 5/17.

WANT A TABLE? We’re still open for vendors of all types & sizes. Email us for more info.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: The Vegan Bazaar is included for all Vida Vegan Con attendees and speakers, who receive an exclusive first hour from noon-1pm during the Miyoko’s Kitchen Mixer, with Miyoko Schinner & crew (who will be there all day, too)! RSVP on Facebook. The entire event is open to the public from 1pm-7pm.

Come hungry & bring a bag for any goodies you pick up!

Vida Vegan Con III adds Gene Baur and Ayinde Howell to lineup!

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As if you needed one more reason to join us at Vida Vegan Con later this month (and well, we’re talking about one more full weekend registration spot remaining as of this very afternoon!), you’ve now got two!

We’ve been keeping these amazing vegan fellas under wraps for quite some time now, as we finalized our action-packed, three-day schedule of events, and there’s no better time than now to announce the crazy big news:

Gene Baur and Ayinde Howell have joined to complete our Vida Vegan Con lineup!!!!

More about these vegan wonders:

Ayinde Howell is the co-author of 2014’s stellar cookbook, The Lusty Vegan: A Cookbook and Relationship Manifesto for Vegans and Those Who Love Them, and we bet you’ve heard of his long-running, eclectic vegan website, In addition to serving as the website’s Editor in Chief, Ayinde is the owner and chef of acclaimed culinary-event focused company, Wildflower, and host of the new vegan cooking series “Like a Vegan” on Ayinde’s hit recipes have appeared in The New York Times, VegNews Magazine and Essence, among others. This multi-talented vegan force joins our 2015 lineup for a very special class: talking energy, idea-growth, charisma and serious goals in Entrepreneuralim 2.0: Consistency.

Most recently featured on the one-and-only Daily Show discussing the purpose and benefits of eating mindfully, Gene Baur is a widely respected activist, author and the co-founder and president of Farm Sanctuary, America’s leading farm animal protection organization. Gene published his first book Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food, in 2008, and it’s much-anticipated follow-up, Living the Farm Sanctuary Life, arrived just last month. Gene has been described as “the conscience of the food movement” by TIME magazine, and will be no doubt be inspiring both of our audiences in just over two weeks, with a Welcome Address during Friday’s Vegan Bazaar (which is open to the public and has plenty of room for more attendees!) and his solo presentation on Saturday morning during our early conference sessions, entitled The Paths to a Mindful Life.


Don’t miss out!

Check out our:

 2015 Conference Agenda

Full Speaker Lineup

& grab your spot for our Vegan Bazaar or better yet — the final Vida Vegan Con Weekend!

Three Spots Remain for Vida Vegan Con!

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Oh, goodness! We’re now twenty days away from the very final* Vida Vegan Con!

Here’s one big heads up for all the folks who’ve been contemplating attending the very best vegan-packed weekend of their life (in our opinion, of course):



Those are full, glorious weekend registrations, which get you into Friday’s opening day Vegan Bazaar an exclusive hour early for Miyoko’s Kitchen Mixer with plenty of freaking delicious cultured nut cheeses & early access to all our vendors and food trucks, and Saturday and Sunday’s full day of intensive classes, panels, workshops and four surely epic vegan meal buffets. See the full weekend agenda for all the beautiful details.

11230424_1432162587086737_908434114_nAs we were saying, your registration includes:

  • All three days of official conference happenings, May 29-31, 2015, including Friday’s Vegan Bazaar
  • Two full days of intensive panels, presentations , breakouts and hands-on workshops, featuring 25+ badass, vegan speakers from all walks of life & expertise
  • Complimentary attendance + exclusive pre-hour of Miyoko’s Kitchen Hour at Friday’s newVegan Bazaar
  • Official VVC SWAG Bag-Of-Wonder (pick up on Saturday)
  • Four epic vegan meal buffets, including more tacos than you could possibly imagine!
  • Four seriously tasty snack + coffee breaks
  • & Friends 4 Eva!


Thanks for being a part of the final experience! Check out our 2015 Speakers+ Full Conference Agenda. Here’s a glimpse below:

Reserve your ticket this way, baby.

*Tis true. Read this heartfelt post for more.

10 Tickets Remain for final Vida Vegan Con!

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Listen up, folks.

We’re here to announce that there are ten mere full weekend tickets remaining to join the final….VIDA VEGAN CON III !

2015 VVC badge - Attendee

Your registration includes:

  • All three days of official conference happenings, May 29-31, 2015, including Friday’s Vegan Bazaar
  • Two full days of intensive panels, presentations , breakouts and hands-on workshops, featuring 25+ badass, vegan speakers from all walks of life & expertise
  • Complimentary attendance + exclusive pre-hour of Miyoko’s Kitchen Hour at Friday’s new Vegan Bazaar
  • Official VVC SWAG Bag-Of-Wonder (pick up on Saturday)
  • Four epic vegan meal buffets, including more tacos than you could possibly imagine!
  • Four seriously tasty snack + coffee breaks
  • & Friends 4 Eva!

Thanks for being a part of the final experience! Check out our 2015 Speakers + Full Conference Agenda.

Reserve your ticket this way, baby.

Vida Vegan Bazaar poster

Updated VVC Agenda + Speaker Series: Fran Costigan

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Fran Costigan VVC speakersOh, hello! There are FIVE MERE weeks ’til Vida Vegan Con III!


In preparation (as we do), Team VVC spent this past Saturday holed up at jess’ coworking space giving our 2015 agenda a grand overhaul. It’s always bound to happen, and we are so happy with the results! There are quite a bit of new additions — including panels, new names and suggested breakouts — with more surprises to come! Now, earlier that day, we started things off with big mugs of coffee while we caught up with a certain wildly talented New Yorker, the Queen of Vegan Desserts herself…Fran Costigan!

Join all three Vida Vegan Con co-founders for an intriguing chat with this ground-breaking veteran of the vegan culinary scene. Hear about what Fran’s been up to, her upcoming fabulous trips, and what’s in store for her “decadent” Vegan Bazaar demo and the by-popular-demand return of  “Demo-ing the Demo“, during Saturday’s sessions.

To sum things up, we’re thrilled to have the “Queen” join us for a third Vida Vegan Con next month!

Vida Vegan Con Speaker Series: Fran Costigan, Queen of Vegan Desserts

This interview was recorded on Saturday, April 18th at Hatch Innovation in Portland, OR and via NYC.

You can catch entire VVC Speaker Series on Youtube.

Catch Fran at Vida Vegan Con May 29th-31st in Austin, TX! You can follow her on Instagram as @goodcakesfran.

LIMITED tickets to our final, three-day super vegan weekend are available hereSee you soon!

Event Announcement: Vida Vegan Con announces final conference

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Hi y’all. Janessa here. We’ve got some news to share. The three of us founders came together recently and had some big talks. As we’ve always aimed to be transparent, honest and loving, as hard as this is to write, we made a decision that we want to share with you.

Jess, Michele and I started Vida Vegan Con in 2009, when Blogspot wasn’t yet owned by Google and Instagram wasn’t a glimpse in the collective blogger’s smartphone’s eyes. It was started with the goal to bring vegans together, to build community and increase knowledge. To learn more about the nuts and bolts of blogging on new platforms, as well as vegan lifestyle issues: activism, mating and dating, fashion, privacy and sharing on social media, photography and cookbook writing… And most importantly, to us, to bring together people who perhaps had never met another vegan, to bridge the gap that vegans felt. To introduce them to their favorite bloggers, authors and celebrities (hello, Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Colleen Patrick Goudreau). To make the vegans all over the world feel less alone, more connected and more inspired.

It was the world’s first international vegan conference. Wow. And we succeeded. Because of you. And we went on to organize a second Vida Vegan Con in Portland, where we’re based, and what happened to be the “vegan mecca” at the time. Which also sold out. And a Tech Seminar in Seattle. And an Exquisite Vegan Dinner and Beer Pairing at Portland’s oldest brewpub. And a Holiday How-To party. And now here we are gearing up for Vida Vegan Con III, this time in Austin, Texas, and we couldn’t be more excited. This is a sincere labor of love for all three of us. Throughout the past six years, Jess, Michele and I have poured everything we have into this. And it’s always been a passion project we’ve hoped to turn into a career—as many of you who’ve attended and followed us over the years no doubt understand. We’ve done this while working long hour day jobs, freelancing and changing jobs (and jobs). In so many ways, we’ve put put our lives on hold to give ourselves to all things Vida Vegan Con. And it’s been so, so worth it. The people we’ve met and connected with over the years are some of our favorite people. The people who’ve attended and launched businesses, brands, started blogs & websites and began their companies after Vida Vegan events truly humble us.

This has been an amazing, uplifting, enriching rewarding experience for us, and we hope for all of you, too.

That is why it is with a heavy but clear heart that we want to share with you that this is the last Vida Vegan Con. We all still love each other dearly, and love the niche we fill doing it, but it’s time to move on.

It’s hard work. It’s a full-time job done around our other full-time hours. We’ve all grown and changed a lot in the years since we concepted Vida Vegan Con, and even with the most recent two-year break while we planned the next one, there’s never enough time. The truth of the matter is that it’s turned into a full-time job for the workload, but without the salary. We have always been very intentional about keeping the conference as affordable as possible while giving the most value we can. We never wanted big brand logos to overtake and dilute the feeling of the event; we wouldn’t feel right taking a paycheck from a company we couldn’t all get behind. We always aimed to work with socially conscious brands and companies, and we’re proud to say that we succeeded. Our intentions of a socially responsible conference with integrity and community have been accomplished. And now we leave the folks who’ve been inspired by what they’ve learned or who they’ve met at Vida Vegan Con to continue the trajectory.

We’re not saying goodbye forever; we all still love planning worthwhile vegan events and working for the animals and the communities that support and speak for the animals, the planet and each other. There may be some project down the road, in which case you can expect the same care, attention to detail and time spent planning it. But until then, if you’ve always been wanting to attend, or have been wavering about attending or sponsoring. we feel we owe it to you to be transparent. If you’ve been wanting to come, please do. This is going to be an incredible one, and the first ever in our adopted city of Austin, Texas. This is the first one to include the debut Vegan Bazaar, which is Day One of our three-day Conference and for the first time, open to the public. We’d love for to come and be part of vegan history. Join us.

We love doing this, but life rolls on and it’s time to make some changes and get our lives back. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love, encouragement and support. We couldn’t have made Vida Vegan Con what it was without all of you.

Thank you, and we hope to see you in Austin,

Janessa, Jess & Michele

Co-founders, Vida Vegan

janessa jess michele
Way back in the beginning…
…and circa 2013

New Vida Vegan Con Badges, Baby!

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What do you get when you take custom artwork by Herbivore Clothing’s Josh Hooten and throw in some fierce app design skillz from our girl Janessa?!?

Why, our brand spankin’ new Vida Vegan Con badges!

We’ve got some for everybody, from attendees to Bazaar vendors, sponsorsspeakers and (coming soon*) for our weekend “volunteers“!

Share the love:

Please: Download, capture, right click or whatever floats your boat, and share on your social media channels, add them to your website and blog sidebars, or go old-school and print them out for your fridge and wallet. Do be a sweetheart and make sure you link your shiny new badge(s) right here:

We heart all of ya in the Vida Vegan Con family & will see you next month!

Of course, make sure to grab your tickets to our full weekend or Friday’s Vegan Bazaar.

*”Volunteer” (aka our trusty assistants) needs are currently being finalized. These are primarily for Friday’s Vegan Bazaar, and not for the actual conference. Please have patience with this scheduling process, as we’re actively coordinating a three-day conference from across the country. Thanks!