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Greetings from Austin + Contest Announcement

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Hello there!

The three of us are in sunny (really! It’s 80 degrees here today!) Austin Texas doing research for potential seminar space, havin’ meetings, and eating tacos. Lots and lots of tacos.

And guys? We’re loving it so far. There’s soy (and coconut) creamer for coffee, alfalfa sprouts as a condiment option, and puffy tacos. Not to mention awesome event spaces, friendly locals, and margaritas.

Here’s a few pictures of what we’ve been doing (eat eating) so far:


First stop in Austin: Whole Foods.



Soy Creamer and Coconut Creamer for Coffee. Rad.



Puffy Tacos with sprouts


Michele’s Puffy Tacos at Vivo


chips and salsa

Chips and Salsa and Guac—THE BEST.



Spot for breakfast (and lunch) meeting and meals Tuesday morning.


breakfast tacos austin

Triplets: Breakfast Tacos at Wheatsville Co-op.



Potato, black bean and vegan chorizo breakfast taco



We’re staying busy and looking forward to our meet-up tonight. In Austin? Come to The Vegan Nom at 6pm (to be followed by dessert at Sweet Ritual). Here’s our Facebook event. We’d love to see you!!


In other news, wanna win a ticket to the second international Vida Vegan Con this May in Portland? Of course you do. Head over to Janessa’s blog Epicurious Vegan for rules. Deadline to enter is Monday February 18th.


Follow us on Instagram for up-to-date pics on Instagram while we’re in Austin:












Sneak Peek at the VVC 2013 Schedule

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Hi guys!!

We’ve been hard at work fine-tuning the action-packed schedule for the second annual Vida Vegan Conference in Portland this May. While there’s still some more moving and tweaking and meetings and red pens and butcher paper to go before we can release the final-final schedule, we’re so excited we wanted to share with you guys as much info as we can right now. Remember, it’s THREE days’ worth of classes this year, which comes to almost 40 classes!! Whoosh.

Please note, this schedule is as close to permanent as we can get it, but it is still in progress and bound to change as events finalize.

Note: All class periods will likely be home to 3, if not 4 simultaneous classes. This includes workshops, discussion groups, lively panels, individual talks, and more.

Thursday May 23

  • Unofficial Meet & Greet

In town early? Come to the unofficial Vida Vegan meet & greet and get to know fellow attendees over cocktails & root beer. Location TBD.

Friday May 24

  • Registration
  • Exhibitor Hall Opening & New Product Spotlight/Sampling
  • Class Period 1
  • Class Period 2
  • Class Period 3
  • Class Period 4
  • Opening Talk (TBD) & Reception
  • Unofficial Off-site dine-out!

Make some reservations with old friends (hint, hint: what you may want to do for Portobello, Natural Selection, Blossoming Lotus, etc.) or gather your new friends for a casual dinner around town—it’s time to cross off a restaurant on your must-visit list and enjoy some time outside of the official conference schedule.

Saturday May 25

  • Official Conference Meal: Breakfast
  • Class Period 1
  • Class Period 2
  • Town Hall & Game Show
  • Official Conference Meal: Lunch
  • Class Period 3
  • Class Period 4
  • Class Period 5
  • Off-site Galarama & Silent Auction

Sunday May 26

  • Official Conference Meal: Breakfast
  • Class Period 1
  • Class Period 2
  • Official Conference Meal: Lunch
  • Class Period 3
  • Ice Cream Break/Exhibitor spotlight/Giveaway time!
  • Class Period 4
  • Closing Talk

We’re super excited about three days of learnin’ and meetin’ and eatin’, and hope you are too! Remember, tickets are still available for purchase (but going fast). Also: Lodging and Room Block info coming within the week. Stay tuned!

Janessa, Jess and Michele

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Vida Vegan Tech Seminar Round-Up

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Hi guys!



Whoosh! A huge THANK YOU to every one of you that attended our first-ever one day tech seminar in Seattle on November 3 at the Seattle Public Library.

When you put together a first-time event, you never know how it’s going to go. We were thrilled to have such a inspiring and talented line-up of speakers agree to present, and a close-knit group of eager-to-learn bloggers and almost-bloggers.

Some of the awesome recaps flowing in from around the web:

  • Vegtastic.Net Helen Pitlick wrote a great recap of the event. She  presented with Dawn Quinn on the subject of social media. They left their presentation up  if you’d like to check it out.
  •  Sisters Legume Angel Barclay wrote about her speaking and her impressions of Seattle on her blog. She presented about video and captured the hearts of every single person in the room with her short videos set to music. She made making videos seem attainable by anyone, even someone with no prior video skill (*cough* me *cough*).
  • Serenity in the Storm Katie attended the seminar wrote a fun recap about the Social Media class and what she learned.
  •  Foggy Vegan was an attendee and wrote about his favorite parts, including learning about podcasting.
  • And of course, we at Vida Vegan live-blogged the event and what we learned (and ate) throughout.

If you spoke or attended and blogged about your experience, send it our way and we’ll add it to this list.

Thanks everyone who came out. We each learned a lot and had loads of fun drinking coffee, live-blogging, and eating the heck out of Veggie Grill sammwiches.

Tech Seminar Live Blog: Veggie Grill Lunch

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Hi guys!

We’re just about halfway through our seminar.


You know what that means…………………




From the one and only Veggie Grill, naturally.



It wouldn’t be a blogger’s seminar without taking pictures of lunch.





And we’ll now resume our regular programming.

I just need ONE more piece of carrot cake….

Seattle Spotlight: Seattle Central Library

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We at Vida Vegan HQ love the Seattle Central Library. It’s oddly-shaped and weird and just so so unique and cool.


When we visited in April 2012 to research the best venue for the one day Tech Seminar, once we toured the library, we knew right away this was the right spot for us.

With stunning architecture and a central location, The Central Library is gorgeously awkward. Just our style!





The coolest part, for us, is the Red Room on the fourth floor.


This is where the meeting rooms are located.


The Tech Seminar this Saturday will be in a conference room on this red level, so for those of you that are coming, be prepared to get all “Red Room Red Room” up in here. (It’s Halloween season, so this The Shining reference totally fits. Apologies for the creepy link!)



Our bright and cozy meeting space!



See some of you this Saturday! Any last minute suggestions for places to eat?

Seattle Spotlight: Pike Place Market

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Possibly what Seattle is known best for (unless you follow sports; I bet Seattle has some famous sports team or something), Pike Place Market lives up to it’s reputation. With a beautiful view of Puget Sound, Pike Place is filled with cobblestone streets, little specialty shops, and a big market filled with fresh flowers, fresh pasta and fresh produce (Nevermind the ‘fresh’ fish; ugh).

There’s also the little thing known as the Gum Wall nearby.






A cute shop sells authentic grenadine. Grenadine is traditionally made out of pomegranate, but now most brands just use red coloring and sugar water. I loved finding this.








A cozy little bookstore located in the market center.




The famous Gum Wall:



Yep, all gum.





We love Pike Place Market. What are some of your favorite spots in Seattle?

Food Fun Friday: Mexican Love

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If you like Mexican food, raise your hand.


*raises hand*


I hope every single one of you reading this post has your hand raised right now. Because 1.) If you don’t, what kind of monster are you? (I don’t  even want to know) and 2.) I’m about to blast all ya’ll with some mouth-watering pictures.


Whether it’s tacos, nachos, burritos, enchiladas or just a simple chips n’ guac, there is something so beautifully simple and satisfying about vegan Mexican food.

I’m a simple girl (*cough* just don’t ask my ex-boyfriends) who likes simple fare. Give me a corn tortilla, beans, avocado and cilantro, and I’m happy. You can get fancy and throw in jalapeños, cabbage, nutritional yeast, hot sauce, fakey melty cheese, pico de gallo, or spinach, and I’m an even happier girl. Just don’t put rice in the mix, I’ll glower at you.

Here’s some of my favorite dishes:




homemade jackfruit carnitas tacos



Nachos from El Nutri, my favorite vegan Mexican food in Portland.  (Ordered with refried beans instead of black beans, because let’s be honest: pinto beans are the bomb.)



Green Taco from El Nutri, with a side of fresh jalapeños



Tri-colored chips and bean salsa from Beaches Restaurant in Vancouver WA (Why was I at Beaches in Vancouver? Don’t ask.)



A build-your-own spread at Who Song and Larry’s in Vancouver Wa. Nothing vegan on the menu, but you can annoyingly build your own meal. They love us there.



Homemade enchiladas. Half with olives, half without (the roomie doesn’t like olives; she calls them ‘the devil’s eyeballs’)



Slightly blurry pic of enchiladas. My hands were shaking in anticipation, probably.



Green Taco and Potato Taco from El Nutri



Homemade tacos



Tortillas and guac from Gracias Madre in San Francisco



Tacos from Gracias Madre in San Francisco



Nachos from El Nutri


Nachos from El Nutri (Instagram Pic)



CHIMICHUNGA from El Nutri. Oh, yes I did go there!


dessert rito

I gotta include this one. This is Amber’s award-winning dessert burrito from 2011.

The description, from her blog:

Warm cinnamon and chili apples wrapped in a cinnamon sugar glazed tortilla, topped with vanilla So Delicious ice cream, drizzled with homemade dulce de leche (HOLY SHIT.) and sprinkled with coconut.


What are some of YOUR favorite Mexican dishes, recipes and restaurants?