Tom Redding

Hello! I'm Tom Redding in Phoenix, AZ and I'm a Storm Damage Restoration Specialist. I originally bought this domain to discuss vegan recipes and vegan lifestyle related tips. However, my restoration business has taken off so well of late that it makes more sense to mainly blog about storm damage restoration related topics. Never fear, though - this will be done with the occasional vegan twist! My wife Susie and I have 4 beautiful kids, 2 dogs and (as of this week) 3 cats.

fire alarm system basic horn

Fire Alarm Systems Basics

Your property is too important to go without a fire alarm system. Whether you’re looking to protect your home, your business, or some non-residential property, you simply can’t afford to ignore fire safety. Whether you’re building or upgrading, consider the following fire alarm systems basics to make sure that you’re giving your property the protection… Read more

Personalize Your Smart Home to Fit Your Lifestyle

An intelligent home is jam-packed with multiple types of technologies. This technological ecosystem allows for a seamlessly integrated and centralized home control and access. And it’s not until recently that homeowners realized they could upgrade their homes with home automation systems, technologies, and platforms that make life convenient and safe. With multiple types of these… Read more