Chatting with Bianca & Miyoko: Double Dose of our Vida Vegan Speaker Series!

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HapBianca Phillips VVC speakerspy Saturday, everyone! We’re sharing two recent editions in one very special post today — so recent that they were recorded within 23 hours of one another. Whoa, there.

We’re talking two different speakers, two different states, three class topics, one exclusive vegan cheese shindig, and four Vida Vegan Con interviewers total (with jess echoing admittedly awkward appearances into both recordings). Here we go!

First up, we catch up with Bianca Phillips of Vegan Crunk, who joins us for her third VVC next month. That is so exciting! She’ll be roadtrippin’ with her scoby in tow to present a demo on DIY Kombucha & Homebrewing on Friday at our Vegan Bazaar, and later tackling the Ethics of Vegan Dining & Boozing on Sunday afternoon.

Vida Vegan Con Speaker Series: Bianca Phillips, Vegan Crunk

Fun fact: This was the first interview in our ongoing series where a computer crashed! (We then restarted, phew)

Miyoko Schinner VVC speakers (1)

Next up, we talk all things “artisan” with one heck of a vegan culinary and business innovator: Miyoko Schinner of Artisan Vegan Life. We are completely stoked to have Miyoko on our lineup for Vida Vegan Con III, where she’ll be relating her decades of experience in the vegan world during her presentation, Exploits of a Veganpreneur –  Experiences and Lessons Learned through Growing Multiple Vegan Businesses. We’re just as excited (and even more ravenous!) for her vegan cultured nut cheese company’s Miyoko’s Kitchen Mixer on Friday, which is an exclusive hour of delicious mingling and vegan access for all full weekend attendees before the Vegan Bazaar opens to the public at 1pm.

Vida Vegan Con Speaker Series: Miyoko Schinner

{Guest Starring Anya the cat}

Oh, hey. We apologize for the sad angle of our webcamera during that one. Better luck next time, folks!

These interview were recorded on April 10 & 11, 2015 at Hatch Innovation in Portland, OR and via Memphis, TN and San Francisco, CA.

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Catch Bianca and Miyoko at Vida Vegan Con May 29th-31st in Austin, TX!

Looking for our full 2015 VVC Speaker Lineup? You got it.

 ⭐ Tickets to both events during this three-day super vegan weekend are still available.⭐

See you in May!