Catching up with Jojo Huxster & Adventures in Travel Blogging!

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Hi! One of our speakers for Vida Vegan Con III that we’re super excited about is Jojo Huxster of Vegan in Brighton. She’s a travelin’ vegan gal who’s based in England and travels ’round the world exploring vegan foods and sights. We checked in with her to see what she’s most excited about for Austin, for VVC, and which American food products she likes best.

Read on for Jojo’s faves!

I have SO many Austin things I’m excited about! Top of my list has to be the fish taco from The Vegan Nom. Also Cap City Bakery‘s everything. And Via313 (Ed note: Detroit style pizza. Yum.). I also can’t wait to check out Rabbit Food Grocery‘s brick & mortar location. I’m totally stoked about having a kitchen on this trip too. I finally get to try all of the great American products that’d never survive the journey back the the UK. My list includes Gardein fishless fillets, a beast burger and the field roast en croute. And I totally wanna order from Lagusta’s Luscious despite them being pretty far away it’s still a helluva lot closer than Brighton. 

Thanks, Jojo!! Read her posts on Austin here, and check out Jojo’s class, Adventures in Vegan Travel Blogging at Vida Vegan Con this May in Austin. Register here.