VVC Scholarship Applications + Speaker Series #5: Michelle Lee, Creative Professional

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Happy Tuesday, vegan-land! We’re bringing you two conference news updates today: the opening of two scholarship Michelle Lee VVC speakersspots (one international! one domestic!) for our conference this May, and the latest 2015 speaker interview. The Vida Vegan Con Speaker Series continues with another special Canadian vegan, the charming Michelle Lee of Broadview Design and Vegan Prom Vancouver.

As a creative professional based out of Vancouver, B.C. and two-time Vida Vegan Con attendee (not to mention cat and vegan food enthusiast), she knows exactly what our third conference lineup needs. Michelle is presenting on “Branding for Bloggers“, which will tackle design, branding, logos, typography, consistency and pretty much any and everything both independent creative professionals and bloggers alike should really sorta kinda, well, definitely know.

Vida Vegan Con Speaker Series: 

Michelle Lee, Creative Professional

This interview was recorded on Saturday, March 7, 2015 Hatch Innovation in Portland, OR and Vancouver, B.C. 

Heads up: For whatever reason, this video does have a few technical difficulties – our apologies! It remains swell and insightful.

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Catch Michele at Vida Vegan Con May 29-31st in Austin, TX! You can follow her on Instagram & Twitter as @food.n.catz

Looking for our full 2015 VVC Speaker Lineup? You got it.

Tickets to both events during this three-day super vegan weekend are available here. See you in May!