Vegan Speaker Series #4: Jill Pyle, Vegan Cuts

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Hello, hello! Goodness, we’re enjoying quite the sunny spell and early Spring weather here in Portland — so much so that iced coffee + coconut creamer made an appearance during our latest Vida Vegan Con Speaker Series this past Sunday! Vida Vegan Con’s Michele and Jess were joined by two-time Vida Vegan Con attendee and exhibitor: Jill Pyle of Vegan Cuts.

As the co-founder of Vegan Cuts, Jill is clearly one of the sharpest vegan entrepeneurs and brand makers around these days. Vegan Cuts, baby: you know ’em, you love ’em, and you just can’t wait to open their monthly vegan subscription boxes!

Join us as we catch up with Jill, and hear her latest thoughts on vegan travel, smoothies, exploring ExpoWest, what’s in store for her presentation on “Internet Entrepreneurship” this May at Vida Vegan Con, and if we can wrangle a top-secret sneak peek or two into Vegan Cuts’ upcoming box themes. Dum dum dum!

Vida Vegan Speaker Series: Jill Pyle, Vegan Cuts

The following interview was recorded on Sunday, March 1, 2015 Hatch Innovation in Portland, OR and Ottowa, Canada.

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Learn from Jill at Vida Vegan Con May 29-31st in Austin, TX!

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Tickets to both events during this three-day super vegan weekend are available here. See you in May!