A Peek into some VVC2013 Classes, Part I

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Or rather, here are some photos of a few classes at the Vida Vegan Conference that julia Legume found the time (and interest! and passion!) to attend, or at least pop in on. Fortunately, she just so happened to break a cardinal rule of vegan blogging by forgetting her own, and wound up using this organizer’s camera throughout the weekend, so here we go:

Vegan Professionals in a Non-Vegan World with Grant Butler, Fran Costigan, Julie Hasson and Janessa Philemon-Kerp

The line-up

Fran blowing everyone away, as usual

Packed house, as with every class I heard about

Biting Off More Than You Should Chew, a open discussion group…with Ryan Patey

Ryan Patey of T.O.F.U. Magazine

Opening their ears & minds. Here’s Erica’s recap on Sews Before Bros.

Isa poses a deep question.

The Zine Workshop

Brainstorming their next zines…

Joanna Vaught, Kittee Berns and Amey Mathews, our VVC zine experts. Here are Joanna’s recent post on zine-making.

Amey Mathews illustrates her own holiday zines, and assembled the lovely Vida Vegan Unofficial Cookzine

Peeking in to the wildly popular Monetizing Your Blog with Nava Atlas and Susan Voisin

Attention Spans, Social Media & the State of Blogging, another discussion group, led by yours truly. Here’s Erica’s recap on Sews Before Bros.

Aka the ‘existential social media support group’….because how can one stay sane (and blogging) in the short-form revolution? 

The library was such a special, intimate space for these discussion groups.

The Return of Vegan Battle Royale: The Vegan GameShow with Kittee Berns, Amey Mathews and Mo Martin 

And…..that’s all that exists in my archives. One day, there will be a Vida of some sort that I can sit through an entire class that’s not my own — mark my words!

Til then, I’ll live vicariously through the recaps. Please note, this was but a small fraction of the nearly 40 classes throughout the three day weekend.

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