Behind the Scenes: a Very Vida Vegan Thanksgiving

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We hope all those celebrating any form of Thanksliving last week had a lovely day, and several days of glorious seitan roast sandwiches, whether it was classic Tofurky, the new Gardein/Trader Joe’s roast, homemade, or tofu-riffic, a raw spread, straight-up mashed potatoes, or something altogether different. While we here at Vida Vegan headquarters may have spent the day separately, we stayed in touch and wanted to share the memories we already shared with each other with the readers of this ol’ blog. Gosh.

Janessa stayed home, painted her toenails, and spent all day watching old movies and eating pie. Turns out this coconut cream pie was ridiculously easy to make and outrageously easy to eat. The pie recipe was adapted from this one and the coconut whipped cream is from Oh She Glows.

Vegan Coconut Cream Pie with coconut whipped cream and topped with toasted coconut flakes. Also: coconut.

Jess here, and I went the nontraditional route. Julia Legume and I picked up a gigantic bag of injera from a local market, and made an Ethiopian feast of Atakilt wat, Yeabesha gomen, Yekik allecha, Miser wat, Yeshiro wet (most of the recipes coming from the great Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian zine by Kittee Berns), lime & olive oil tossed salad, and a vanilla bourbon chocolate cream pie for dessert, which we enjoyed while watching The Muppets Take Manhattan in honor of yet another upcoming trip to New York City. Nearly one week later, we’re finally done with all those lentils, and almost done with the pie. Phew.

The Ethiopian spread – all homemade but the injera

And no vegan holiday feast is complete without a local cider tasting, ritght?

And get ready for this: KITTENS!

Yeah, Michele here, and I don’t really remember how I spent my Thanksgiving Day—there was food, sure, but we mainly just prepared ourselves and our house for the prospect of a kitten invasion…as if you can ever really be prepared for tiny fuzzy demon twins. We picked up a pair of little loves at an adoption event to highlight black kitties, as they’re often ignored in favor of their more colorful pals. As you can see, they settled right in to their new lush life.

Musashi! Not pictured is his sister, Lady Eva Von Sassipants.

What about you guys? Any new recipes or vegan roasts to discuss? We’d love to know.