Q & A with Ryan Patey of T.O.F.U. Magazine

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Woo-ee, look at that! The first-ever Vida Vegan Tech Seminar came to fruition last weekend, and just as we know our attendees are surely still thinking about the future of their own blogging (and as we’ve heard, already putting those plans into action!), so are the 2013 conference speakers.

Ryan Patey, T.O.F.U. Magazine

This time around, we talk advertising annoyances, Northwest vegan indulgences and share insight about the future of the internet with T.O.F.U. magazine founder and returning speaker, Ryan Patey.

T.O.F.U. is a Canadian based, alternative online entity with six issues under its belt. It features diverse stories and support for those who “dedicate their live to change”. The magazine’s goal is to consistently inspire their readers “to think for themselves in a world that so often hopes you do as you’re told”. 

Read more here and if you haven’t yet, do consider picking up T.O.F.U.’s latest issue.

Q & A with Ryan Patey

Where do you see blogging going?

I think blogging is headed to more of a short-form thing. With so many folks working/playing/living on their smart phones, content has to be more concise, and I think blogs will adapt to that somehow. Either that or you may see blogs addressing a more niche audience to entice them to break out the tablet or laptop for longer entries, which should be interesting since veganism is already a niche audience, albeit one that is becoming more mainstream.

What’s your favorite photo editor?

Unless I can get away with using Preview for something basic like resizing an image, I’m a sucker for punishment and I go straight to Photoshop. It’s overkill most of the time, but it’s what I know (sort of).

What blogging trends are you liking? Disliking?

I’m liking that I know of a lot more blogs that tackle vegan issues other than the next meal. Maybe I’m just getting better at finding them or maybe they’re getting better at being found, but either way, it’s great.

I’m disliking the advertising trend. Maybe it’s just the punk in me, but if you’re going to put advertising on your site, at least curate the companies that advertise there. Going the Google AdWords route can lead to some unfortunate associations, and approaching a business to advertise on your blog could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Yes, I went the Casablanca route.

What blogs/websites do you read?

I get most of my news/links from Twitter, so the blogs I read are more dependent on the ones people share, but it seems I spend most of my time on Sexy Tofu, The Gay Vegans, Sistah Vegan, and Queer Vegan Food.

What’s your go-to vegan meal in Seattle?

Sadly, I’ve only been to Seattle twice, and both were brief visits. We hit a Thai buffet on the way to VVC, and then on the way back I ended up spending the night on a whim. I had some great Korean food at a small place with a vegan menu, along with their regular menu. Funny enough, I don’t think I had many of the things from that menu in Korea when I moved there soon after.

Note: Vida Vegan is delighted to clarify that this is surely the all vegan buffet known as Araya’s. The Korean restaurant was likely the mysterious Korean Tofu House on University Ave, which is now closed.

In Portland?

Do doughnuts count? If so, Voodoo Doughnuts. If not, you’re no fun! But if I have to go that route, maybe a food truck like Homegrown Smoker? Those places are dangerous, and I had to have a serious health food menu push when I got back to Canada after VVC. Sadly, I didn’t get to try the unicorn meat.

Thanks, Ryan!

Doughnuts totally, totally count, but unfortunately, the short-lived yet magical Unicart has also since closed. Let’s make sure you try even more new carts on the next visit.

For more of Ryan’s insights, check out his twitter, @ryanpatey, and the official T.O.F.U. Magazine facebook page. The magazine regularly seeks contributors.
Stay tuned for the full list of 2013 Vida Vegan Con speakers & class topics!

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