Seattle Funspot: Herkimer Coffee

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Coffee and a doughnut, how idyllic? In Seattle’s University District, right by Sidecar for Pigs Peace and Wayward Vegan Cafe, is Herkimer Coffee, an omni yet vegan-friendly coffee shop.

The doughnuts are from Mighty-O, and they absolutely do taste better fresh. We can get them packaged down here in Portland, and in the bakery case here and there, but you really have to eat one in its native land. And the coffee? Get a straight-up drip—just a splash of soy is all you need; no bitterness here! Of course, if you’re more of the latte type, you’ll be well taken care of too.

The atmosphere is cozy, clean and warm, and it wasn’t too hectic, at least when we were there. I noticed the barista knew most of the customers’ names—there was lots of friendly chit chat—but we weren’t made to feel like we didn’t belong. No pretension, just coffee.

Oh, and grab a bag o’ beans to go. Your cup might not turn out as good, but you could come close.

One thought on “Seattle Funspot: Herkimer Coffee

    jodie said:
    November 28, 2012 at 5:50 am

    That doughnut looks beautiful, wish they had a shop where I live! Aww I clicked through to the Pigs Peace Sanctuary, what a lovely place for our curly tailed friends, nice to see kind people at work, thanks for sharing that 🙂

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