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You’ve all been so good and (mostly) patient while we figured out which city will host the next Vida Vegan Con. Well, a lot of emails, tours, and meetings later, we are super excited to tell you the locations of our next TWO conferences:

May 2013: Portland, OR

Yes, we are returning to Portland for our sophomore conference. We found a fantastic, new location that we all instantly fell in love with—we toyed with announcing the name, but we haven’t signed the contract yet. You understand. It’s bigger than last year’s space, so we’ll be able to fit more of you and our favorite exhibitors! Plus some extras we’ve been brewing up ideas for, like a lounge area or work center.

As soon as we sign the contracts, we’ll give you a date and get ready to open registration. Just like last time, we’ll put together travel info and direct you to the best lodging deals, including dorm possibilities. We know a lot of you made longer vacations of the last VVC and will do our best to extend those special room-block prices. So stay tuned for more! And if you’d like to submit a speaker proposal, do it here before May 1, 2012.

August 2014: Chicago, IL

On our scouting trip in January, we knew we had to hold a conference here. We didn’t find the perfect spot yet, so the scouting will continue for VVC III! If you’re in Chicago and have suggestions, let us know. We’ll be taking another trip out there before too long.

Last hinty bit of newsy hints: One-day concentrated seminars comin’ up! We’re planning a small, single-day, concentrated blogging/social networking tech seminar for this November and a vegan business one for March 2014. They will be held in different cities, and neither of them will be in Portland or Chicago. Take away one tease, lay on another, right? We hope it’s more intriguing than frustrating.

Also coming up for local folks: On April 22, Earth Day, Vida Vegan is partnering with BridgePort Brewpub to bring you an exquisitely spring-themed vegan coursed dinner.

The menu will include fresh and lively dishes made with BridgePort beers (yup, they’re vegan-friendly microbrews), and a portion of all ticket sales will go to a local animal sanctuary.

More details, the final menu and a link to ticket sales will be announced in late March/early April. Check out the Facebook event here, and save the date.

All in all, we can’t wait to see you all again!

6 thoughts on “VVC 2013 will be in…

    Notorious Teddie-Leigh said:
    March 15, 2012 at 9:36 am

    I think I’m going to cry. No con for me for 2yrs. 😦

      vegtasticvoyage said:
      March 16, 2012 at 12:57 pm

      Portland’s not THAT hard to get to, If nothing else, you know the next two years will fly by.

        Notorious Teddie-Leigh said:
        March 22, 2012 at 2:34 pm

        Perhaps you can give me suggestions on how to acquire the funds to travel? Look, I know you mean well, but I have no clue where I would pull the $1,000 at least to take a trip to Portland. Maybe its my fault for being so spontaneous with my frustration and actually posting it,but you have no idea why it would be hard for me to travel,personally, A trip to Chicago from where I live MIGHT total $500,depending on what hotel I find and how much public trans I use. Both of these are amounts I would consider myself lucky to be able to come out having only spent that much. I appreciate the time that went into this and that the west coast is more convenient to them. Since the announcement,I’ve pretty much decided not to ever expect to get to go to a VVC. I mean, its just not conducive to my funds to take a trip to the west coast anytime in the foreseeable future….the west coast appears to make people very happy based on comments I’ve seen on twitter and facebook.

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    Vegan said:
    March 27, 2012 at 1:23 am

    2013 and 2014 would be a long time to wait. A lot would be excited by now. One good thing about the VVC is meeting new people and learning veganism that will exceed your expectations.

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    April 10, 2012 at 8:04 pm

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