Vida Vegan Con III Speaker Application Form

Thank you for your interest. Our speaker application window has closed.

The next VVC media & lifestyle conference will be held May 29–31, 2015, in Austin, TX.

Please read the following information thoroughly before submitting your proposal. As an evolving conference, some of this may be new to past attendees or speakers, and the more you know going into it, the better your proposal will be.

Reflecting attendee interest, technology, and culture, our conference has evolved since 2011. Originally focused on vegan blogging, we have expanded the range of educational and thought-provoking topics pertinent to the vegan lifestyle and the online communities and media tools that shape its message and our day-to-day lives.

Going into our third conference, Vida Vegan strives to offer an even wider range of topics from a diverse pool of returning and new speakers.

All speakers are asked to submit a proposal using the linked form. We are looking for original presentations and fresh content, and we will accept up to three submissions from each applicant.

You are welcome to submit workshops or well-defined presentations as a pair or trio (but please realize that solo proposals are preferable, as single-speaker classes are generally better received). We will not be assigning approved speakers to join group classes; rather, we will work with our approved speaker pool to build moderator-led panels.

Please fill out the form at the bottom, and email us any questions. You are more than welcome to send us samples of your work and any past talks, as well!

Most importantly, this is an open application process and we seek the most exciting and thought-provoking voices and proposals that we can use to build a well-rounded agenda.

Speaking and Registration Timeline

Speaker application deadline is July 9. All approved speakers will be notified by July 28. General registration for Vida Vegan Con III opens August 1, and limited Early Bird registration is available exclusively during our Membership Drive, beginning June 13. If your proposal is accepted, your registration will be refunded.

Thank you for your interest in sharing your talents with Vida Vegan Con!

What we’re looking for:

  • Individuals with relevant experience and knowledge (professional and amateur speakers welcome—we love to present fresh, new voices at Vida Vegan Con!)
  • Bloggers, authors, video/audio hosts, designers, or anyone with relevant industry-specific experience (e.g., cookbook authors, marketing professionals, producers, photographers, editors)
  • Strong voices that represent the diversity of the ever-growing vegan community

Keep this in mind:

  • We want speakers who want to attend the entire conference, participate in classes, and get to know other attendees. This, above all, is about community.
  • If you are on a speaking circuit, we are not looking for the talk you give regularly. We want fresh content.
  • Know your audience. They’re already vegan (or getting there). We’re not looking for outreach speeches—that check is already marked.

Which style would your session fall into? (Keep in mind, our sessions are generally 45-60 minutes, including some Q&A time.)

  • Class/Presentation: A single speaker presenting on a  single topic. May include slides and handouts.
  • Workshop: A single speaker presents and works with attendees in a hands-on capacity. May include slides and handouts.
  • Panel Discussion: A group of 3–4 panelists are led by a moderator to explore a topic and offer differing viewpoints for a well-rounded discussion with questions from the audience.

Why speak at Vida Vegan Con?

  • Get your voice heard with the future of the vegan community!
  • Meet new friends, fans, and business partners/contacts
  • Complementary registration for #VVCIII conference; you may be eligible for a $250 travel reimbursement
  • Access to Speaker rate on vendor table at Friday’s first-ever Vida Vegan Bazaar, to promote/sell your book or project (more info to come!)
  • Experience a vegan taco tour of Austin, TX!

Sample topics/categories we’d love to see (and people definitely ask for!):

For example: How does your blog, and your mission, incorporate veganism and any of the following categories?

  • Animal Rights & Activism
  • Audio/Podcasting
  • Business/Entrepreneurism
  • Cruelty-Free Fashion/Cosmetics/Bodycare
  • Culinary Arts
  • Dating & Mating
  • DIY & Crafting
  • Environmentalism
  • Ethics
  • Food Styling
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Graphics & Design
  • Healthy Living
  • Internet/IRL Community Development
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Monetization
  • Photography
  • Philosophy of Veganism
  • Publishing
  • Social Justice & Progressive Issues
  • Social Platforms & Tools
  • Technology
  • Travel Blogging & Writing
  • Vegan Athleticism
  • Vegan Family & Parenting
  • Vlogging, YouTube & Video Creation/Editing
  • Working with Brands
  • Writing

Without further adieu: Apply to speak at Vida Vegan Con III here.

Remember: The deadline to apply is July 9.

We highly recommend you head here to check out the full, action-packed agenda for VVC2013.


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