Vida Vegan Con Presents: Cooking Demos at Whole Foods in the Pearl

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Vida Vegan Con, the first-ever vegan bloggers conference, is proud to announce a series of cooking demos taking place the weekend of August 27 & 28, 2011.

Whole Foods in the Pearl District, a quick streetcar ride away from the Conference Center. Image by J_Q_Adams on Flickr.

These demos are an extension of the sold out conference, and lucky for both conference-goers and the rest of the Portland area, are open to the public! Special thanks to Whole Foods for hosting these classes in their Pearl District Salud cooking studio.

If you are not attending the conference, the cost of a class is $10. To make a reservation, please email us at VidaVeganConference@gmail.com and let us know which class(es) you’re interested in and how many people will be attending.

Simply send $10 via Paypal here, and let us know which class you’d like in the special instructions. If you wish to attend more than one class, just pay more than once. Feel free to shoot us an email with the details.

If you are a conference attendee - you do not pay. If you’re interested, shoot us an email and RSVP to the corresponding facebook event, and stay tuned for our full agenda to make your ultimate decision.

With the line up ahead, it’ll be no surprise if these small classes book up quickly, and we recommend you sign up in advance.

Class Descriptions:


Dark Chocolate Bliss with Fran Costigan, Queen of Vegan Desserts

Saturday, August 27, 2011 11:45am-1:00pm

Chocolate is the world’s favorite flavor, but to make luscious chocolate desserts, you’ve got to follow some simple foundational rules. Fran shows you how to choose, use, and quick-temper premium-quality, high-percentage vegan chocolates for foolproof, make-ahead, unapologetically delicious desserts that everyone will love.

What’s cookin’? The Chocolate Cake to Live For * Gold-dusted Bittersweet
and Ginger Truffles * Cocoa Syrup-based Tonic * Working with
Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Facebook details & RSVP


Easy Hotel Room Cooking to Eat Healthily While Travelingwith Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, aka The Healthy Voyager

Saturday, August 27, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm

Tips and tricks on how to cook and prep simple food in your hotel room so that you can eat healthy vegan and other special diet foods anywhere in the world.

What’s cookin’? Coffee Pot Miso Soup * Peanut Butter, Banana and Cinnamon Raisin Pinwheels * Cucumber and Avocado Tartines

Facebook details & RSVP



Backyard BBQ with an Indian Twist, with Kelly Peloza, The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur and Joni Marie Newman, Just The Food

Sunday, August 28, 2011 10:00am-11:30am

Enjoy the fabulous outdoors with a twist on traditional BBQ fare.  Classic American favorites with an Indian twist. Kelly and Joni are taking basic backyard BBQ fare like burgers, coleslaw and cupcakes to the next level with an Indian twist. They will demonstrate how the exotic spices of the far east can make a big impact on the flavors in your traditional favorites. Turning boring burgers into kofta, plain old coleslaw into a creamy curry concoction with cashews and currants, and combining the classic flavor of lemonade with rosewater for some out of this world cupcakes.

What’s cookin’? Kofta Kabobs with Tangy Tahini Dipping Sauce * Creamy Curry Coleslaw with Cashews & Currants * Rosewater Lemonade Cupcakes

Facebook details & RSVP


Mastering the Art of Vegan Meringue with Hannah Kaminsky, Bittersweet Blog  

Sunday, August 28, 2011 1:30pm-2:30pm

For anyone who thought that the mere concept of an eggless meringue was an impossible dream, you may not believe your eyes- But you will have to believe your taste buds! Watch Hannah Kaminsky explain in detail how to whip up your very own vegan meringue cookies, and discuss different ways to serve them up. Plus, get the inside information on how to created any flavor of meringue your sweet tooth desires, as well as how to convert that basic recipe to pie toppings, pavlovas, and more.

What’s cookin’? Lemon meringue pie & meringue “kisses” cookies

Facebook Details & RSVP

Vegan Desserts by Hannah Kaminsky
The Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet by Joni Marie Newman

More Great Good Dairy-Free Desserts Naturally by Fran Costigan
The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur by Kelly Peloza
The Healthy Voyager

Please send $10 via Paypal here, and let us know which class you’d like in the special instructions. If you wish to attend more than one class, simply pay more than once. Feel free to shoot us an email with the details.

VVC T-shirts Are Go!

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Oh my my! Vida Vegan Con t-shirts are here! We’re super in love with them and hope you are too!

These are printed here in Portland by Ink Brigade, on American-made t-shirts. We’ve got a more fitted, ladies’ cut and a more traditional unisex cut, both chocolate brown. Click on the sizing links to figure out what you are, because we all know individual manufacturers’ ideas of sizes don’t really mean anything.

Ladies’-cut sizing is here.

Unisex-cut sizing is here.

Here’s the rub: We need to order these Tuesday, August 9. Wait! That’s tomorrow! TODAY! You have until 4:00 PST to pre-order! So think fast and act fast. We’ll have some extras made, but to make sure you get one that fits you, we strongly urge you to pre-order. We’ll have it for you when you register at the conference (or can mail it to you if you can’t make it).

So now that you’ve checked out the sizes, click this here link to order yours now! You must specify size in the “special instructions” field. And seriously, think hard and check out the sizing links before you choose.

See you in a few weeks!

UPDATE: The order is closed. We will have extras at the conference, so you’re not totally out of luck. There’s a sliver.

Guest Post: The Healthy Voyager’s Vida Vegan Adventure

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Our next guest post comes from Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, aka The Healthy Voyager. Carolyn’s expertise will be featured at the grand Travel panel and during a handy travel-orientated cooking demo at Whole Foods (which will be open to the public—stay tuned!).

I’m so excited to be attending the 1st annual Vida Vegan Con as well as to be speaking! As one would imagine, I’ll be taking on the travel panel, but as an added bonus, I’ll be conducting a cooking demo on how folks can cook in their hotel rooms while traveling to save time, money, and of course, be sure it’s healthy and vegan!

I can’t wait to hang out with friends and meet new faces, all in the name of promoting the vegan movement. I adore Portland (check out my Healthy Voyager Portland episode if you haven’t seen it yet), and I am stoked that the con is being held there.

I’m already dreaming of the yummy food, the new friends, and helping other vegans (or those dabbling with the idea) how to live and travel as a vegan with zero problems at all. Additionally, I’ll be promoting the pre-sales of my cookbook due out this holiday season, The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen Cookbook.

See you in just a few short weeks!

The Healthy Voyager

Ladies and gentlemen, the Galarama

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This has its own page, but we wanted to talk to y’all about it in a more intimate blog setting.

From day one, we wanted to use this conference as a way to funnel some funds into the hands of animal sanctuaries. We’ve done that by devoting 5% of all registration fees to sanctuaries, and we’re holding a Silent Auction as part of our Saturday night celebration. We’ve chosen Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary as the beneficiary of that Silent Auction. (We’re also peeling off a bit of the Galarama ticket price for them.) We’re so excited to have them, and we’re happy to say Woodstock Co-Founder and Director Jenny Brown will be with us to talk to you about their mission.

We hope you can all join us. Conference speakers and registrants are already on our door list—you get in free! Our venue, Ambridge Event Center, is a pretty decent size, so we have opened it up to the public. Registrants, if you’re traveling with a buddy, you can purchase a ticket for them here. (That goes for you folks who didn’t get into the conference, too—public means public!)

Public admission is $25 (or $30 at the door, if they’re still available) and includes vegan bites from the (vegan) caterer, Sizzle Pie, Gardein, Daiya, and Upton’s Naturals, among others, one drink (BridgePort beer, cocktails or mocktails, or wine from The Vegan Vine), and <insert drumroll and anticipatory murmur of the crowd here> the Coconut Bliss sundae bar! Oh, and you’re entered to win door prizes! And we’re still working up more fun surprises! The event is all ages, but no drinking for the minors so bring your ID.

Intimidated by the Galarama idea? Don’t be! We’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing everything from hoodies and jeans to red-carpet dresses (dresses you’d see on the red carpet, not dresses made of red shag…no, wait! I call it! Nobody else can wear a rug dress!).

If you happen to be the owner of a company or a maker of things, we’d love to feature your wares/services as auction or door prize items. If not, spread the word and maybe you’ll reach one. The more cool stuff we get the more animals Woodstock can care for. To donate, fill out this form.

See you there!

The Urban Vegan seeks blog posts for class

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It’s time for some official Vida Vegan Con class news – Dynise Balcavage, of The Urban Vegan, is seeking submissions for her class, an ‘Extreme Food Writing Workshop‘, one of a few classes discussing the art of food writing itself at the conference. Here’s the request, via Dynise:

Wanted: Food blog post “makeover” candidates for my Viva Vegan conference workshop

Are your culinary descriptions as wilted as last week’s lettuce? Food blogging requires the ability to make readers “taste” your creations using words alone – & as few as possible. I’ll help you pare down your writing & “tofu up” your descriptiveness. Want one of your blog posts made over? Send me a link: theurbanvegan@yahoo.com

Note: This is not limited to conference goers. Jump on in, folks!

Ticket Giveaways!

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Hey guys,

Just a heads up, there are 2 ticket giveaways going on right now for our sold out conference! The prizes are complimentary Weekend Registration tickets and the contests are currently being held by our Golden Beet Sponsor, Coconut Bliss, and the first of our 3 organizers’ personal blogs.

Check it out:

We’ll make sure to keep you guys posted on more giveaways!