A Very Special Vida Vegan Con 2013 Speaker Preview

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Psssst….between us, we received over 100 submissions when we posted our open call for speakers for the second Vida Vegan Con, in May 2013. The decision-making was SUCH hard work and an ongoing process for several weeks after the deadline closed (this was May 1, 2012—over a year in advance!) We wanted a smaller pool of speakers vs. our 2012 conference, to open more opportunities for our wonderful speakers to share their thoughts, and we now have an utterly amazing list of talented individuals we are stoked to reveal soon.

With that, we thought it was time to more-than-officially leak a few names, because if you’re like us organizers, any whisper of Vida Vegan news is always exciting.

Reflecting the grand list (which will be posted on its own page later this summer, we promise), these folks are passionate individuals who you may recognize as authors, speakers, community leaders, witty writers, bloggers, activists, hosts, 2011 speakers, new folks we’re thrilled to add, and delightful combinations of all and any of the above.

Vida Vegan presents the following speakers  for our second conference (in no particular order):

Laura Beck, Vegansaurus
Ginny Messina, The Vegan RD
Hannah Kaminsky, Bittersweet Blog
Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan, Our Hen House
Bianca Phillips, Vegan Crunk
Lisa Pitman, Vegan Culinary Crusade
Joni Marie Newman, Just The Food
John McDevitt, The Laziest Vegans
Nava Atlas, VegKitchen
Maeve Connor, Heartichoke Supper Club
Nicole Sopko, Vegan Things I Like
Sayward Rebhal, Bonzai Aphrodite
Erika Larson, The Cosmopolitan Hour
Leigh-Chantelle Koch, Viva La Vegan
Kelly Peloza, The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur
Gena Hamshaw, Choosing Raw

And this is just a sneak peak at the full lineup. More to come! With handy links & all. Tickets (and scholarships!) are still available over here.

See you all back in Portland in May!

If you’re interested in speaking at the August 2014 conference in Chicago, IL, stay tuned for the open call! No need to email us at this time.

Reminder: Speaker Deadline is May 1

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Hi guys!

Now that you’ve all read the big announcement (we’re SO EXCITED), we want to share this reminder with you:

Potential speakers:  your applications are due by MAY 1.  This is for everyone; those of you who spoke in 2011 and want to speak again, and those of you who didn’t speak in 2011 but want to in 2013.


The Travel Panel, 2011. Photo courtesy of Veg News.

Remember that we’re aiming for a smaller speaking pool this time around, and you’ll be likely asked for involvement twice, if not three times or more, during the weekend conference. Think talks, panels, discussion groups, etc. Keep an open mind–and get ready to talk.

Please remember that all speakers are subject to approval. All traveling speakers will be offered a limited travel credit reimbursement.

With that, please see this link, and we welcome past speakers, attendees, and new folks to apply away!

See you guys in May 2013 in Portland!

Guest Post: Kelly & Joni of Backyard BBQ with an Indian Twist

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Time for another guest post!  We start Vida Vegan Con shenanigans tonight at the Meet & Greet and our exclusive sneak peak of Vegucated and Portland is just buzzing with vegan excitement and the smell of nooch. The lovely ladies behind today’s guest post, Joni Marie Newman and Kelly Peloza, are both in town already and wanted to share some information about their Sunday demo at Whole Foods. Spots are still available, and open to non-conference goers, so email us ASAP at VidaVeganConference [AT] gmail.com to get on the list!
On the Menu: Rosewater Lemon Cupcakes
Enough of that, let’s find out more about those cupcakes and talk Backyard BBQ with an Indian Twist with Kelly & Joni:
We will be taking traditional backward barbecue fare and exciting the
taste buds with a different palette of flavors and texture. On the
menu is Kofta Kebabs with Tangy Tahini Dipping Sauce, Creamy Curry
Coleslaw with Cashews and Currants, and Rosewater Lemonade Cupcakes.
These dishes are single-serving, easy to eat, and delicious, all
desired qualities for your backyard shindig! Join us for a demo, lots
of food samples, and a great time!To start things off, we’ll toss together a simple but delicious
Creamy Curry Coleslaw made with purple cabbage. It is chock full
of surprises. Currants, cashews, and roasted red peppers sneak
into each and every bite. Next up, our main course will be Kofta
Kebabs; A deliciously spiced food-on-a-stick that comes together in
mere minutes. For the more traditional backyard chefs, these kebabs
can also be made into burger patties. Alongside, a Tangy Tahini
Dipping Sauce that also works well as a spread if you opt for a burger
instead.Dessert will be a tantalizing rosewater lemonade cupcake. A fluffy
rosewater-infused buttercream tops a light and delicate lemon cake for
a sweet refreshing finish to an amazing meal. Single-serving desserts
are perfect for any casual get together and these cupcakes are packed
with flavor.

On the menu: Kofta Kabobs and sauce

The Urban Vegan seeks blog posts for class

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It’s time for some official Vida Vegan Con class news – Dynise Balcavage, of The Urban Vegan, is seeking submissions for her class, an ‘Extreme Food Writing Workshop‘, one of a few classes discussing the art of food writing itself at the conference. Here’s the request, via Dynise:

Wanted: Food blog post “makeover” candidates for my Viva Vegan conference workshop

Are your culinary descriptions as wilted as last week’s lettuce? Food blogging requires the ability to make readers “taste” your creations using words alone – & as few as possible. I’ll help you pare down your writing & “tofu up” your descriptiveness. Want one of your blog posts made over? Send me a link: theurbanvegan@yahoo.com

Note: This is not limited to conference goers. Jump on in, folks!


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Recently, the Vida Vegan Con organizers sat down with our pens, markers, assorted highlighters, printouts, posterboard, computers, Michele’s cat, teacups of mimosa, and here today, we officially present our 2011 Vida Vegan Con Classes and Speaking Assignments:

Of course, everything is subject to change. Expect surprises. Our fingers are still crossed for a special guest appearance and dance-along with Ellen.



  • Extreme Food Writing Makeover, Dynise Balcavage, Urban Vegan


Cooking Demos at Whole Foods:

  • To be Announced! (If you’re a speaker and interested – shoot us an email!)

Opening Talk:

  • To Be Announced!

Closing Talk:

Speaking of greatness, if you’re one of our speakers or moderators and don’t feel up to date, email us and let’s get in the loop! As always, stay tuned for more. Detailed email updates are going out for each class starting today.

As of this post, the conference is entirely sold out, but email us immediately at VidaVeganConference [at] gmail.com to join the waitlist and  we’ll let you know if spots open.

All three organizers (Janessa, Michele & myself) will be doing giveaways on our own blogs, as well as our sponsors. The first creative contest will be announced this weekend on Get Sconed!

Everything is still in development, but if you have any questions or concentrations you’d like the panels, classes, and workshops to cover, simply email us at VidaVeganConference[at]gmail.com or post on our facebook wall.

We can’t make any guarantees, but we’ll all try our hardest in this big group effort of vegan community!

Look for select live-streaming of the event if you can’t attend! www.vidavegancon.com

Our Saturday evening Silent Auction & Galarama will be open to the public as well – details to come! Consider it the vegan prom for vegan bloggers. That’s right.


See you all this summer at the world’s first vegan blogging conference!

Speaker RoundUp #4: This is It!

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Here comes the final Speaker roundup for Vida Vegan Con in August 2011. The full list is here.

If you’re thinking, “Holy Crap! That’s a long list!” it’s because there are so many inspirational, charismatic vegan bloggers, and we were honestly shocked and awed that so many confirmed interest! The organizers sat down to our first round of scheduling in talks, panels, and workshops last weekend, and it’s pretty mind-blowing with greatness and 2-3 sessions per time slot.

Our deadline for speaking is now closed, and without further adieu, here are the last of our confirmed speakers:

See these lovely folks in August:

Hannah Kaminsky: Ms. BitterSweet
Susan Voisin: Fat Free Vegan
The Urban Housewife: Melisser Elliot
Lidiana Cruz: The Spicy Vegan
Joni Marie Newman of Just the Food
Chelsea Lincoln: The Flavor Vegan
Laura Beck, co-founder of Vegansaurus.com
Jordan Pattern, co-host of The Cosmopolitan Hour
Maeve Connor of Chloe and Louvella's Vegan Dating Service and Agnes

Webly Bowles: Stumptown Vegan
Erika Larson, co-host of The Cosmopolitan Hour
Tamisin Noyes of Vegan Appetite
Jess of Get Sconed! Photo by VeganShizzle
Janessa: The Epicurious Vegan
Meave Gallagher, co-founder of Vegansaurus.com
Wendy Gabbe Day: Veg Food & Fit
Michele Truty: Vegtastic Voyager
Gena Hamshaw: Choosing Raw
Sherri Montgomery: Vegan Noshin'
Amy Gedgaudas: Tahini Too!
Amey Mathews of Vegan Eats & Treats and friend
Kittee, the Cake Maker to the Stars, and her friend Vee

Throw some exclamation points into the air, because we’re getting a contingent from….

And last but not least:

Isa Chandra Moskowtiz of The Post Punk Kitchen

With that, Early Bird Registration is still open!

Who wouldn’t want to listen to these fine folks speak and unite with their fellow vegan bloggers? We’re already gearing up for a weekend of hugs and coconut creamer.