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  1. Line Marie

    Hi Vida Vegan,

    How are you ?

    My name is Line Marie. I am from Canada, British Columbia. I was wondering if you could help me with my Festival I am trying to organize on Galiano island. The population here is 1000 and I think I am the only vegan on it. Galiano is located between Vancouver and Victoria so we have a lots of traffic from the mainland.

    I am sending you my business website:

    My husband is vegetarian but not V. I am building another website for Vegan merchandise and I am planning to link with other vegan company.

    Vancouver is having a vegan festival on July the 27, I will go has a volunteer and it would be also good for me to meet up with like minded people.
    Let me know how you can help me and what are your cost ? if you are open for trading let me know.

    Thank you for your time ,

    Warm Regards,

    Line Marie

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