Presenting the 2013 Vida Vegan Con T-shirt (Preorder Now!)

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UPDATE: Preorder is now closed. We will have some extras in various sizes available at registration, and any left over after the conference will be available for order online. Thanks!

Remember our t-shirt design contest?

We had a bunch of really fun and creative submissions, and we’re excited to present to you our winner, Sutton Long. Sutton is a San Francisco–based freelance graphic designer and is art director for VegNews magazine. When not working, she loves walking her dog around SF and taking photos (@suttonlong on Instagram). Favorite place for a dog walk in Portland: Mt. Tabor Park.

Check out Sutton’s design:


Here’s what it looks like mocked up on a t-shirt!


These are printed here in Portland by Ink Brigade, just like our 2011 shirts. Also like 2011, we’re using the same shirt styles: a more fitted, ladies’ cut and a more traditional unisex cut. Unlike last time, our color is a gunmetal shade of gray.

Click on the sizing links to figure out what you are, because we all know individual manufacturers’ ideas of sizes don’t really mean anything.

Ladies’-cut sizing is here.

Unisex-cut sizing is here.

We are doing these on a preorder basis so we have enough of everyone’s sizes. Get your order in by Monday, April 29, so we can get them printed up in time for you to pick them up at registration. And yes, we’ll order a few extras of assorted sizes, but best be safe and place your preorder.

Ready? Know your size? Make sure, because we can’t do refunds and might not have extras to do exchanges.) Click this link here to orderyours now! (Blogger dork note: PayPal buttons with drop-downs don’t work on, so we set up this shop page on Moonfruit.)

Galarama seeks Vegan-Friendly Food Carts!

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If you’re a vegan-friendly food cart operator in the Portland area—or mobile and looking for an excuse to visit—we’d love to have you stop by our Saturday night Galarama + Silent Auction on Saturday, May 25, 2013.

We simply ask that you:

a) are a cart

b) make great vegan food

c) only serve vegan food at this event

d) show up with aforementioned great vegan food for a crowd!

More details:

The Vida Vegan Galarama is being held 7–930pm. All 300 Vida Vegan Con II attendees are invited (and their admission is included in the ticket price) and the event is open to the public. More information and General Admission tickets are available here (So exciting: VIP tickets have already sold out).

Please let us know your menu ideas, rates (or minimum), and if you’d rather charge individually or cater at a flat rate.

Gluten-free options are encouraged.

All participants will be featured on our website.

It’s that easy! Email us to get involved and to discuss promotions! [at]

Anyone else pretending this cart is a) in Portland and b) vegan? Make it happen.
One more thing: Anyone else pretending this cart is a) in Portland and b) vegan? Let’s dream.

Coming to Vida Vegan Con II? Join the 2013 Blogfeed.

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UPDATE: The 2013 Feed is live! If you’re attending and haven’t added your blog yet, please leave a comment when you do so we can update the feed ASAP. We will be removing signup on Sunday, May 19 so we can focus on the busy week ahead. 

Update: Signup is complete! Thanks for all who signed up – see you at the con and in the future!


With the end of Google Reader (and all the associated gasping and groaning that came with the news), comes the quick rise of Feedly, the official replacement for all your up-to-date blog reading. And with Vida Vegan Con II rapidly approaching, it’s time for even more to peruse.

So, we’re putting together a list of all Vida Vegan Con II blog feeds for ya—one big feed of excitement and plant-based creativity!

The 2013 VVC II Blogfeed.

Simply fill out this form with your URL feed information, and we’ll debut the list shortly. Stay tuned!

See month!?!?! Artwork by J. Legume

We do ask that only registered attendees sign up (this is also open to sponsors and speaker blogs, of course), that all blogs are vegan in content, and that you’re comfortable seeing your website on a public feed.This won’t be a blogroll or contact list, it’ll simply be a feed of your latest posts to share.

Let’s get to know each other, shall we?


P.S. This is all you need to do.

The Galarama Site Is Live!

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mf24532You already know this if you’re a newsletter subscriber, but we’ve built a whole separate site for the Galarama—if you haven’t checked it out yet, please do, and spread the word. Let’s raise some money for the chimps!

We’re really so excited and proud to have this opportunity to bring everyone together for a fun night while giving back to these beautiful, intelligent creatures that our world has exploited and mistreated.

For registrants and speakers, your admission to this party is complimentary. If you’d like to upgrade to a VIP ticket (limited to 20 • includes a special gift bag, 2 free drinks, and a raffle ticket), you can do so for $20.

Non-VVC public can purchase tickets starting Monday, April 1 (no foolin’). General Admission is $15/$20 at door; $40 VIP.

And super fun news: Brian “The Sexy Vegan” Patton will be our emcee for the evening!

So don’t miss it. Join us at Staver Locomotive in NW Portland Saturday night, May 25, 2013, at 7pm. Learn more here!

VVC Alum Does Good: Carrie Forrest’s Vegan Delish App

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Carrie Forrest headshotVida Vegan is the best extended family ever! Our group is filled with so much creativity and productivity, all spreading the good vegan word through words and sights and sounds. VVC alum Carrie Forrest (Carrie on Vegan) has created Vegan Delish, a whole foods recipe app for Apple handheld devices. We wanted to know more!

You blog tons of recipes—what made you take the app leap? Was it just app or cookbook time?

That’s right. After blogging for over three years, I had amassed enough recipes and interest that it was time to organize them into something marketable. I had the opportunity to license software to create Vegan Delish, which is essentially a digital cookbook with cool features like a shopping list, social media sharing options, and recipe ratings. Besides the interactive features, I love being able to constantly add new recipes to the app to keep it fresh and relevant.

Vegan Delish iPhone screenshotWhat was the hardest aspect of development?

As a blogger, I wasn’t always consistent in my form, but when you publish recipes in the app, there are certain protocols you have to follow. That was a challenge, in terms of editing. I also felt pressure to increase the quality of my photos and take my skills up a notch.

And the most rewarding?

I’m like a proud parent when anyone tells me they use Vegan Delish. My ultimate goal with both my blog and my app has been to inspire people to try cooking easy, vegan meals at home, so I feel fulfilled whenever that happens.

Do you receive feedback from your users? Anything particularly surprising?

There is a recipe rating and review feature, and I read every comment on individual recipes from users. I’m sometimes surprised by the feedback. For instance, one person left a review saying her kids loved the Curry Kale Chips, which surprised me since I never would have thought to categorize that recipe as kid-friendly.

iPad screenshot

What’s your favorite recipe on the app?

Since my specialty is creating recipes that are super healthy and in general made with no oils, salt, or added sugars, I had to go and mess with the already-healthy black bean brownie and add spinach to it. Even though it turns the batter green, my Spinach & Black Bean Brownies still come out tasting awesome (and once they’re baked, they’re not green). Topped with my Vanilla “Cream” Frosting made with cashews and dates…mmmmmm!

Do you have future plans for Vegan Delish? How will it evolve?

My next big plan is to add recipes from other bloggers; I really want to grow the recipe base and include some of the fantastic healthy, vegan recipes that are in the blogosphere. In fact, if you’re interested in contributing, please email me at Carrie @ VeganDelish . com!

Returning to Portland for VVC, what’s a must-see/eat/do for newcomers?

I absolutely love visiting Portland, and I am thrilled to be returning in May. My favorite places to visit are the Saturday Market, Herbivore Clothing, the International Rose Test Garden, and the farmers’ market at PSU. My all-time favorite restaurants in Portland are Prasad (loved seeing it spoofed in this episode of Portlandia) and Blossoming Lotus.

Thanks, Carrie. We’ll see you in May!

Vida Vegan Con’s Portland Vegan Breakfast Showcase

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My, how exciting the response has been to our call for local vegan eateries to get even more involved with Vida Vegan Con!

We now proudly present the lineup for the first ever Portland Vegan Breakfast Showcase, in random, rotating order:

Naturally, we wanted to bring new and exciting aspects to Vida Vegan Con II in so, so many ways. And naturally, as vegans sure do have an appreciation for plant-based dining and a well-deserved obsession with Portland’s forever-growing multitude of delicious options, we thought…let’s try to get as many as we can in one room! We’ve all got long, glorious days of Vida Vegan Con’ing ahead, and on Saturday and Sunday that starts with one special meal: breakfast!

2011’s buffets now seem like the things of legend, and there are more buffets to come—with versatile vegan, raw, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, fun options galore. And then there’s what this post is all about, one of those brand-spanking-new elements: Vida Vegan Con’s Portland Vegan Breakfast Showcase.

And without further adieu, the lineup (in alphabetical order):

  • A.N.D. Cafe is a cozy vegetarian cafe that offers tons of vegan and gluten-free options for all menu items. Look for the Spring menu to debut April 1. We’ve heard word of sprouted chickpea scramble and raw pepitas tacos in addition to regular favorites, such as the walnut loaf benedict and pesto tofu hashbrown nests.
  • Back to Eden Bakery This well-loved NE Alberta bakery is known for it’s darling aesthetic and craft in creating delicious gluten-free products. They plan on serving gluten-free doughnuts, coffeecake and scones featuring peak, seasonal flavors.
  • Blackheart Bagels These artisanal bagels “are made with just five simple, traditional ingredients: flour, water, salt, yeast and barley malt syrup. We are proud to use Shepherd’s Grain flour which is local, sustainable, and Food Alliance certified. Blackheart bagels are made without refined sugar, animal products or preservatives.” They recently opened their very own bagel window at NE 22nd & Sandy.
  • Cinnamon PDX Portland’s newest gluten-free bakery proudly offers “affordable, awesome treats made of high-quality and seasonally fresh ingredients to everybody, especially those with restricted diets.”
  • Divine Pie Yeah, we’ll be having pie for breakfast! “Divine Pies are a perfect product of artisan sweetness, combining flavors that are unique & delicious, ingredients that are local and organic, and delicate preparation with loving hands. All pie crusts are gluten-free, made with a light and tasty blend of nuts, dates, and coconut flakes; while the pie fillings are dairy free, supremely creamy, and rich with bold flavors.”
  • Portland Juice Press This local, bottled juice company’s mission is “to provide 100% natural, fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juices and juice cleanse packages, delivered to your doorstep.”
  • Portobello Vegan Trattoria This must-go, hand-crafted, Italian vegan restaurant now serves up both Saturday and Sunday brunch options. The current brunch menu includes apple pie waffles, Italian and Bu-rassic-a Park omelets, brunch burgers, and Weekend at Benny’s.
  • Sizzle Pie Arguably Portland’s most popular pizza joint, Sizzle Pie offers a variety of unique vegan slices every day at their East and West Burnside locations. We bet there will be a take on their popular cheesy tofu scramble & hash brown–adorned brunch pizza in store.
  • White Owl Social Club There’s a reason we’re hosting the unofficial Meet & Greet at this new restaurant & bar from the owners of Sizzle Pie: We dig it, and bet you will, too. There’s just one item on their tiny, all-day weekend brunch menu, but it’s a pleasant doozy: the hash brown, Field Roast & pepperjack Daiya “Oh my lord, I think I’m dying” burger, which you can pair with a Bloody Parliament (beet juice bloody!) or Italians Do It Better bellini.

Menu details and more to come!

This showcase is exclusive for 2013 Vida Vegan Con II attendees. As of this post, very, very few tickets remain—see here to grab one.

Psssst… We still have a very limited amount of room for a new participant. Please read this and email VidaVeganConference [at] to discuss a potential spot ASAP.