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Vida Vegan is a vegan media and lifestyle community, bringing together bloggers, social media users, video hosts, authors, and business owners.

Our best-known event, Vida Vegan Con, is an action-packed weekend-long gathering in which we educate, explore, and inspire one another, through classes, presentations, workshops, and networking in a professional conference setting.

By becoming better communicators, online, in print, on the screen, and in person, we can better spread the vegan lifestyle—it’s good for the earth, good for the people, and good for the animals.


Who’s behind Vida Vegan Headquarters, anyhow?

Event Directors & Co-Founders

Janessa Philemon-Kerp, a lifelong vegetarian who grew up eating nutritional yeast and alfalfa sprouts, is the blogger behind Epicurious Vegan. In addition to planning Vida Vegan Con, she keeps busy  with reading, drinking champagne cocktails, adventuring, bike riding, taking photos, and trying to practice restraint in buying in international plane tickets. She loves kale and cookies equally.  @janessapk

Michele Truty is the author of Vegtastic Voyage (and a bunch of stuff securely locked away on flash drives and not-so-securely stuffed into notebooks). She’s been vegan for about 8 years, after a long journey since her last hotdog at age 11. A Chicago native, Michele’s been moving around the country (New York, L. A., and now Portland) with her vegan pal Tom. When she’s not getting in trouble with companies for being too honest, she’s reading, editing, listening to records, or just trying to leave the world a little nicer than she found it. @vegtasticvoyage 

Jess Sconé is a native New Yorker with a near forgotten accent, red roots and now ten years under her belt in the vegan wonderland of Portland, OR. Jess has been writing Get Sconed! about her everyday culinary adventures since 2005. She spends her free time talking to cats, longing for snowflakes, working on Vegan Iron Chef, playing speakeasy, reading horror fiction, and obsessively visiting farmers markets. Jess decided to stop eating animals when she was 10. @getsconed


Email: VidaVeganConference AT gmail.com
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  1. Edie

    I have been working on opening a professional vegan culinary school in Portland. I just found you on FB and would very much like to attend your conference but it seems to be sold out. Is there anyway I can attend even if it’s partially?
    Thank you for your consideration.

    1. jess sconé

      Hi Edie,

      There may be some folks looking to transfer a ticket on the facebook page, I’m not certain – I hope you can join us and we’d love to hear more about your plans as they unfold! There are certainly tickets remaining for our Galarama & Silent Auction in NW Portland on Saturday night, hope you can make that.

      Details here: http://galarama.org/

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