Month of Memories: Lunch in Austin

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No, we aren’t done talking about Austin yet. I suppose, though, this photo speaks more about bloggers than it does about Austin.

We stopped by Wheatsville Co-op a couple of times during our scouting visit last spring, because it’s one of the most fantastic co-ops, period. (They have their own vegan lip balm and bottled kombucha, folks.) We grabbed a table in that famous Texas sun and were photographing our lunch, when I had a rare moment of self-awareness.

Bloggers spend a ridiculous amount of time photographing foodโ€”no breaking news hereโ€”but we seem to not notice that we’re doing it or let it bother us. But it’s weird, right? Look at this table full of food, including (of course) the Wheatsville signature offering, popcorn tofu, and we can’t just dig in? What’s wrong with us?

Don’t you worry, after our little photo shoot we got down to business. After all, we had lots of exploring to do.

We miss you, Austin. We miss you, Wheatsville. We miss you, popcorn tofu. Until we meet again…

2 thoughts on “Month of Memories: Lunch in Austin

    Miachel (Spiced Curiosity) said:
    September 28, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    I miss Austin dearly…especially that popcorn tofu! I have yet to create it at home. :D

    […] also no secret that we adored our first location scouting trip to Austin last February, and with the local vegan community and dining scene growing to epic proportions, including […]

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