Portland Picks with Elizabeth TresCosas, Vegan Iron Chef

It’s time for round two in our series of personalized Portland Picks! These recommendations are from trusty Portland vegan locals and lovers, and we bet all our attendees, whether you’re arriving early or not, want to squeeze in a little time outside of the busy, busy conference  schedule to wander in the vegan wonderland. Next up, is Vegan Iron Chef’s Co-Founder, VVC Creative Director, and design guru Elizabeth, who’s going to share her thoughts on Portland’s vegan Banh Mis, cocktail scene, and more. Let’s find out her Portland-musts below…

Name:  Elizabeth TresCosas

The gal knows glasses.

Your Websites:  VeganIronChef.org, Innerstate.org (redesign in progress!)

Lemongrass tofu Bánh mì, Sweet Hereafter

Food she really, really misses when out-of-town: Vegan Banh Mi: favorites include Star Bar’s & Sweet Hereafter. REALLY EXCITED to try the one at Old Gold and at Luc Lac. Other faves include the Tofu Burrito at Los Gorditos (now with three locations – give them the hot sauce you want to add to the burrito before they make it; makes all the difference), the Beet Burger @ Portobello Vegan Trattoria, and Fries topped with Perfect Sauce and Chili @ White Owl Social Club.

Her guide to three great bar & grub crawls, if you will:

1: Start at… White Owl Social Club ($3 beers!),> dinner at Star Bar, > drinks at Dig A Pony > East End

2: The Aalto Lounge’s Happy hour (so good for booze! $2 cocktail menu) > dinner at Sweet Hereafter >  walk to drinks at Gold Dust Meridian or The Conquistador Lounge.

Bevs & Pinball, SE Portland’s Basement Pub

3: Basement Pub > Roadside Attraction > Hungry Tiger Too > BASE CAMP Brewing (all walkable)

Where to Shop: Bins. Inner East Burnside vintage shops. N. Mississippi Ave.

If one is in need of spiffying up or a little sleevework, where would you send them? Akemi Salon & Common Ground Wellness.

Only Portland has…. Forest Park. The Bins. The Gorge. So many vegan-friendly neighborhoods to walk around and drink / eat, on foot!

For more Portland Vegan Dining, Shopping & Tourist ideas, check out our official While You’re in Town selection and the VVC 2013 Google Map.

About jess sconé

Jess spends most of her time scheming in notebooks about life and events she’s involved with, such as Vida Vegan Con and Vegan Iron Chef, brushing crap out of her cats eyes, thinking about Muppets, reading horror fiction, and deciding what’s for dinner. She's been writing Get Sconed! since 2005, which is now located at www.comesconewithme.com

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