Help Plan a Class this May: Tech for Effective Web Presence

Image credit: – Please note this is not actually Jason Das

Jason Das, the co-founder of both SuperVegan and Vegan Drinks, is returning to Vida Vegan Con this May to share his expertise and thoughts in a few of our exciting panels and classes: Ethics Beyond the Plate, Vegan Invasion: Community Building, and Tech for Effective Web Presence. 

For this third class, Jason asked us if he could solicit some ideas on just what *you* would like to know more about.

This is your chance to design his class. It’ll be more than a mere general presentation with some handy tips—Jason wants to address your concerns!

Here are some topics being mulled around for the Tech-orientated class:

  • Intro to CSS
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Best SEO practices
  • Tumblr theming

So, what interests you? Let’s make the most of his versatile expertise and innovative planningit’s now in your hands!

If you’d like Jason to explore these, or other topics, simply tweet @floodfish or email him personally:

Be sure to check out the full agenda for Vida Vegan Con II here.

About jess sconé

Jess spends most of her time scheming in notebooks about life and events she’s involved with, such as Vida Vegan Con and Vegan Iron Chef, brushing crap out of her cats eyes, thinking about Muppets, reading horror fiction, and deciding what’s for dinner. She's been writing Get Sconed! since 2005, which is now located at

There are 4 comments

  1. Bianca- Vegan Crunk

    I’m sure this WAY too simple, but I don’t even know how, if I ever wanted to, to switch over from, say, Blogger to a real domain. It’s something I’ve considered for ages, but since I don’t know anything about tech stuff, I’ve just avoided even thinking about it.

  2. Jackie at Vegan Yack Attack

    I’m totally up for Intro to CSS, Responsive Web Design, and Best SEO practices. Tumblr theming seems a little too niche, IMO. I mean, when you have followers on Tumblr, a majority of them see your posts in a feed anyway, not necessarily your homepage.

  3. Dan Hanley

    About to to celebrate 2 years of our blog, use blogger, own a domain, and I feel stuck. Readership is awesome, would love to learn how to design, maybe switch to wordpress, and best SEO practices as I have no idea what they would be. I am STOKED and ready to learn. Thanks!

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