VVC Cocktail Lounge: Abracadabra!

Today, “The Rum Diary” hits theaters, and I have a deep and complicated love of Hunter S. Thompson (we had our differences, but I think we would have gotten along in spite of them), so I wanted to mark the occasion with a rum cocktail. Perhaps a room-temperature bottle of cheap, dark rum would be more appropriate, but again, Mr. Thompson and I had our differences.

I picked up a bottle of Myers’s Platinum and searched for white rum drinks. This one stopped me by name alone: Abracadabra. It’s equal parts white rum, mandarin juice, and grapefruit juice (Thompson would approve!), plus some superfine sugar (I only had turbinado so I threw it in my spare coffee grinder). It’s tangy and tart, and the flavor takes about three seconds to fully arrive on your tongue.

Shakey shake shake and dika-dika-do! It’s Abracadabras for me and you!

And now it’s time to stumble to the theater.

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