Guest Post: The A B C’s of Vida Vegan Con

We interrupt our tales from the VVC Cocktail Lounge to bring you the following lesson in awesome: a walk down memory lane from Lisa Coulson, aka Panda with Cookie, the co-author of Vegans on the Move.

Trust me, this needs no further introduction.

The A B C’s of Vida Vegan Con
As seen on Twitter.
B for the picture of the Beholder from Terry Romero’s blogging and storytelling talk.
Canada! I got to meet a lot of Canadians and they use an extra U.
Dovetail scones. I love them, yes I do.
Eat. Eat again. Eat some more.
F is for the friends we made and then added on Facebook.
G is for the Galarama where we made flipbooks of dancing hats.
Homegrown Smoker extended their hours so you could get a mac and cheese burrito at 3pm.
I made it to the vegan mini mall and got a Herbivore shirt.
J for that orange juice!
Kick it off with a cupcake and champagne reception.
Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss sundae bar at the Galarama. With that caramel sauce!
Meeting and greeting.
N I feel the need to wear a nametag every day now.
Our fearless organizers, Michelle, Jess and Janessa.
Portland 2011!
Quiet please! We have important announcements to make.
Running on the esplanade in the morning.
S Holy shit that was a nice swag bag.
Taco buffet!
Upton’s Naturals chorizo on that there taco buffet. Yes yes.
Very many vegans at Vida Vegan Con and the wonderful volunteers.
Waffles from Flavour Spot, Oh yes.
X Next year we need an all xylophone band so x is easier.
Your mama’s so vegan she went to Vida Vegan Con.
Zelda gave me a couch to crash on.



Ms. PwC

About jess sconé

Jess spends most of her time scheming in notebooks about life and events she’s involved with, such as Vida Vegan Con and Vegan Iron Chef, brushing crap out of her cats eyes, thinking about Muppets, reading horror fiction, and deciding what’s for dinner. She's been writing Get Sconed! since 2005, which is now located at

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