What? There’s a sale on vegan tattoos?!

Welcome to Portland, Ore. Home to microbreweries, a vegan strip mall and strip clubs, craft coffee, hipsters, farmers markets and tattoos.


Yep, tattoos. And it’s Portland, so of course there are vegan tattoo parlours. Of course.

What makes a tattoo parlour vegan, you ask? They don’t use animal bone charcoal-based black ink or animal glycerin. They do use plant-based products where they can, while still adhering to the law and putting our safety first.

Our new favorite tattoo parlour that uses vegan inks is Skeleton Key Tattoo. Centrally located on SE Hawthorne & 17th, the owner Ximena is the awesomest lady this side of the Pacific.

She graciously humored the three of us organizer gals and, with only a few days’ notice, gave us each a beautiful beautiful beautiful beet tattoo.

beet tattoo arm

Ahhhhhh So COOL!!!

It looks so good I want to eat it.

me eating a beet


Love this tattoo!!

beet tattoo


The ever-adorable Jess, with her ever-adorable beet:

jess tattoo cutie


And for the camera-shy Michele, I present a game we like to call, “Where’s the Beet?”

wheres the beet

There’s the beet!

michele beet

The shop itself is clean, stocked with Good Earth Lollypops, and open for walk-ins and appointments. Four tattoo artists are on site, each with their own specialty (pet portraiture, anyone?).

So how is this relevant to you, dear Vida Vegan Con speakers, sponsors and attendees?

During the week of Vida Vegan Con, from Wednesday August 24 through Monday August 29, Skeleton Key is offering a 15% discountto all y’all for whatever vegetable/cat-shaped tattoo dreams you may have. All you gotta do is bring your badge or otherwise confirm that you’re an official attendee, meet the $65 minimum, and after that the sky’s the limit and the world is your vegan oyster. (Bonus—they’re now open until 2am Thursday through Sunday—late-night post-vegan-corndog tattoos: Wahooo!)

Skeleton Key Tattoo

1729 SE Hawthorne Blvd

(503) 233-4292

~Make your appointment now!~

About janessapk

I'm a traveling vegan gal who loves reading, writing, biking, eating, drinking, planning, scheming, smiling and gerunds.

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    1. Melanie

      …we may know when obadi has ctmeiotmd ElvisSide when you comes to screen rested or very upset & introverted with “rested remorse”.~several times over the 5 years since we set up this dog base I had to deal with these birds trying to peck seeds from the rain trough and pecking holes in the walls at first light (will include proof in future video) to try and eat ants in the wall; when done they would build nest and have young, if I didn’t patch hole soon, I would have to wait for hatchling

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