for the critters

One of the first decisions we at VVC made was that we’d use the conference to raise some money for animal sanctuaries. We’re doing that in two ways: by donating 5% of your registration fees, and by holding our Silent Auction during the conference’s Saturday night Galarama (where we hope to break some sort of record for velvet, sequins, and rhinestones in one room).

Well, we’ve made our first donation, and we want to tell you what you’re supporting.

Pigs Peace is a sanctuary in Washington. Since 1994, they’ve been caring for unwanted, neglected, and abused animals (not just pigs!). Please, visit their website—just reading Judy’s message and mission will make you want to run out and start your own sanctuary. Also, check out the pigs’ bios; their stories are fantastic.

You may have heard of the Seattle vegan store Sidecar—that’s Pigs Peace’s shop! Every penny of profit from the store goes straight to the sanctuary. Given the three-hour drive from Portland, you might want to tack on a Seattle leg to your trip after the conference.

What’s your favorite sanctuary? We’ll be looking to spread the love, so leave your ideas in the comments section!

And if you’re interested in donating to the Silent Auction, fill out this form or email us with questions. Thanks.

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