Speaker Round Up #2 (featuring one cat and many awesome vegans)

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Quick Announcement: Vida Vegan Con has a freshly posted F.A.Q. page above. Check it out. If you have additional questions, please leave a comment or let us know via email to VidaVeganConference [AT] gmail.com.

With that, we’re delighted to announce our latest list of confirmed speakers!

Newly Confirmed Speakers that warm our hearts:

Photographic Proof they exist (including a lovely lady from yesterday’s list):


Oh my gosh, it's Baby Veganscore!



Anika, aka Veganscore, all grown up!



Who doesn't want to hear what Jae Steele has to say?



The Healthy Voyager, clearly packin' her bags early for Vida Vegan Con



Carolyn, The Healthy Voyager - in her human form!



Mo Better: One of our favorite PPKers



Straight from Australia: Leigh-Chantelle of Viva la Vegan!



Veggin' Out with Christa - Just like So.



Kyle, being Vagrant and Vegan.



Celine Steen and what you guys all came here for - her cute kitty, Buffy


The full list of amazing Speakers is here.

Don’t forget, Registration opens this Friday, 10/15.

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