Speaker Roundup #1

We’re going to throw the word thrilled out there again, because we truly are.

You see, yesterday was a HUGE day for inviting speakers to Vida Vegan Con. We’ve already had a few lined up, but our official invitation went out into the wild world of super talented vegan bloggers yesterday, and the responses and interest are rolling in!

With that, we’re again, thrilled, to announce the following confirmed speakers:

Look! Vegans! Who are coming to Vida Vegan Con!


Dynise Balcavage , the Urban Vegan herself



The Urban Kitties (I think they're all in the band now)



Is the Happy Herbivore eating the sandwich or is the sandwich eating the Happy Herbivore? Find out from Lindsay in August!



Joanna Vaught being awesome. Photo Credit Katie Margraff.



Is he being lazy? or vegan? or both? John of Laziest Vegans and Vegan Omaha.



Kris of Nom! Nom! Nom! and striking kitty friend



Lauren of Whoa Wren. Diggin' this adorable bloggers and cats theme.



Vegan Crunk's Bianca, and again, a curious cat!



Kelly Peloza. Makin' the cookies at Chicago Vegan Mania. Photo Credit Ellie Johnson



The Aforementioned Cookies by Kelly Peloza


More Speaker updates & photos coming this week.

If you’re a speaker and didn’t submit a photo in time for this post, please email us – it’ll be in the next round, promise.


If you’d like to attend, please register THIS WEEKEND!

If you have any ideas for Vida Vegan Con, please feel free to email us at VidaVeganConference [AT] gmail.com

About jess sconé

Jess spends most of her time scheming in notebooks about life and events she’s involved with, such as Vida Vegan Con and Vegan Iron Chef, brushing crap out of her cats eyes, thinking about Muppets, reading horror fiction, and deciding what’s for dinner. She's been writing Get Sconed! since 2005, which is now located at www.comesconewithme.com

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